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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Him Law proposed bikini party if box office results reaches HKD10 million

[Takungpau 28/07/2011]

Movie [Love is the Only Answer] directed by Patrick Kong manages to accumulate HKD3 million in box office on its 6th day. As a gesture of appreciation to the cast and crew, the production company held a 'Thank You' dinner last evening. Apart from executive producer Wong Jing, attending cast includes Charmaine Sheh, Him Law, Jacqueline Fong, Evelyn Choi etc. During the party, they opened champagnes and bursts balloons to wish for the box office success.

Him was very satisfied with the box office result and suggested that if the figure exceeds HKD10 million, the female cast will celebrate in a yacht party. If they really have a yacht party, will Charmaine dare to wear bikinis? Charmaine laughed: "Of course he's not worried, he can show off his 42-inch chest. (You can show off your 22-inch waist) Can consider that, any winning chance (against Him)? (Will you wear bikinis then?) It depends. I have confident in myself, just that I’m afraid of the sun. It's fun hanging out in big groups. It's been a long time since I partied on a yacht. However, the dress code for reporters is to wear bikinis as well."

Charmaine frankly said that it has been 8, 10 years since she last wore a swimsuit. Asked if she will not consider wearing swimsuit even if it's for work, Charmaine said: "Depends on the requirements. not necessary money. (Have you considered a pictorial?) It never crossed my mind, I'm not that brave. Nowadays there are so many sweet, pretty young girls. (Why don't you take one as memories of your youth?) More than enough! I have enough pictures taken when I first competed in Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Mentioning the box office results, Charmaine hopes for the movie will continue to do well. She plans to sneak into cinema to witness the reaction of audiences.

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