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Friday, July 22, 2011

Charmaine Sheh striving for Seoul Drama Awards

[Takungpao 22/7/2011]

Yesterday Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh attended the blessing ceremony for new TVB series [4 in Love]. In the series, Charmaine portrays a famous celebrity in love with Moses who is just an electronic goods repairer living in Mongkok. Asked she accept dating someone lower social status than herself in real life, Charmaine said: "Love doesn't differentiate social status, the most important thing is personality. As long as two people feel happy when they are together."

In September, Charmaine will be heading to Mainland China to film new series. Mentioning Sonija Kwok finding true love in Mainland China, Charmaine was teased if she envied Sonija for finding Mr Right. Charmaine expressed that she will leave it to fate.

Meanwhile, Charmaine was nominated as "Hong Kong Best Star" in the upcoming Seoul Drama Awards 2011. She hopes that the company will arrange for her to attend the ceremony. Asked if she want to win, Charmaine said: "As an actor, each award is considered a form of encouragement. It's even happier if the award is won abroad. However I know that the competitors are very strong."

Moses revealed that the series will expose many rumors in the entertainment circle: "At the beginning of the series, Charmaine used me as a publicity tool but toward the end we developed a special relationship." Asked if he had been used in real life, Moses said: "I don't know. Artistes belonged at the front line. Sometimes it is just publicity, sometimes it's real. The most important thing is to be yourself and fulfill your own part."

This series is Charmaine's 1st series after leaving TVB. Moses expressed that he doesn't feel she has left and believes that he can create new sparks with Charmaine again.

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