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Monday, July 11, 2011

Charmaine Sheh joked that artiste fees are like seafood prices

[Singpao 11/07/11]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh, Him Lam, Jeana, Kelly Fu attended promotional event for new movie [Love is the Only Answer] at Olympian City. The male (Him) and female lead (Charmaine) play sweet game of eating soft candy, and afterward Him had to play balloon bursting game with Jeana who wore a low cut dress. Him appeared to be embarrassed therefore Charmaine came to his rescue by bursting the balloon and he avoided bumping sensitive parts of Jeana. Earlier, Charmaine's appearance fee was revealed when she provided a written statement for Stephen Chan's court hearing. At this, she joked that artiste fees are like seafood prices and changes every day. Her fees now have already increased.

Charmaine's new movie will be competing against another movie starred by 'Leng Mo's'. Charmaine indicate that she have finished post production dubbing for [Love] and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Mentioning the rivaling movie selling point is being sexy (Leng mo's in bikinis), she coyly said: "Oh dear, what to do? I have some passionate and bold scenes in the movie, a lot of first time experience for me. I don't know the director is trying to benefit them (Alex and Him) or me, I have passionate scenes with both of them. It's considered my most daring scenes to date. In real life, I've never tried making out in car or wife swapping, therefore I thank the director for giving me the opportunity to experience this."

Mentioning the revelation of Charmaine's appearance fee due to Stephen Chan court hearing, Charmaine jokingly said that artiste fees changes daily. It depends on whether he/she is popular during that period. Her appearance fees have changed, but she is not sure how much it has increased already. Asked if she contacted Stephen, Charmaine replied that they are not allowed to contact each other before the hearing ends. In addition, it's not convenient for her to publicly discuss the matter as the court has yet to pass verdict on the case. She can only wish the best for everyone and hope that it will end soon.

In the movie, Him had a make out scene with Charmaine in the car. He pointed out that he has to drive the car while making out, quite a challenge for him. He also accidentally stepped on Charmaine's foot. However, they communicated well beforehand and avoided bumping into sensitive parts.

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