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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Charmaine Sheh celebrates Michael Tse birthday with 'Chok' look

[Mingpao 16/07/2011]

Michael Tse turned 44 years old yesterday. His wife Tina and good friends Charmaine Sheh, Sherming Yiu, Emily Kwan, Bobby Au Yeung and wife celebrated with him. Michael was high (happy) and drank until his face turn red. His birthday wish is to live happily and may all his dreams come true. During the group photo, the ladies including Charmaine and Sherming posed a 'Chok' look. Tina laughed and said: "Laughing is not showing 'Chok', so the beauties represent the 'Chok'!"

Do not repost.

Charmaine's weibo tweet:

"@謝天華Laughing Grown older a year, Keep Laughing, congrats congrats!"

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