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Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Love is the Only Answer] Carol Yeung vs Charmaine Sheh for Alex Fong

[ 14/07/2011]

Patrick Kong's controversial movie [Love is the Only Answer] will be premiering in theatres starting July 21st. After [Marriage with a Liar], Carol Yeung once again appeared in the movie. This time, she only made a guest star appearance. She wore a seductive school uniform and fought against Charmaine Sheh's for Alex Fong affection.

In the movie, Carol portray an escort who fell in love with 'married man' Alex. The flirtatious Alex used his ex-wife Charmaine as an excuse to dump her. For this scene, director prepared a set of brazen dialogue for Carol. Not only Carol is not embarrassed, but also laughed: "Though I have plenty of dialogue in [Marriage], but none of them stood out compared to this. I believe it will leave a deep impression on audiences."

When Carol's role threatened to kill herself and begged the other party to let her have Alex, Charmaine who portrayed Alex ex-wife immediately claimed that she have terminal breast cancer and have 3 months to live. She hoped that Carol will back down but unexpectedly Carol said she is a member of the breast cancer society and suggested to examine Charmaine as proof.

Charmaine frankly admitted that she was a little embarrassed filming this scene. However, she manage to get closer to Carol before filming: "My character was well prepared in the scene. Earlier, I placed two golf balls inside the bra. After Carol admitted defeat and left, I revealed the fake chest to Alex and removed the golf balls on the spot." Alex who was also filming at the scene praised Charmaine's professionalism and enjoyed their collaboration.

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Bonus: Pictures from the movie

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