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Monday, June 27, 2011

Charmaine Sheh urged by fans to get married

[Mingpao 27/06/2011]

Charmaine Sheh transformed into a long-haired maiden in new series [4 in Love]. She likes her new image and posted some pictures online for the past few days. Yesterday, she shared a picture of herself in a vintage wedding dress. Though she had worn wedding dress in countless series, she enjoyed it a lot. Perhaps it was due to her desire to get married. Charmaine was praised by fans for her beauty, and some even urged her to get married; asking when she will be wearing a wedding dress officially.

[Oriental Daily 27/06/2011]

Though Charmaine Sheh is in the suitable age to get married, she still prioritized work first. Recently she had the opportunity to wear wedding dress in new series in [4 in Love]. She commented: "Wearing wedding dress again..." As brides-to-be; Janet Chow and Toby Leung left messages (in weibo) with Toby saying: "Wow! Sister Fa is so sexy" while Janet said: "Very traditional, love the look!" Charmaine also gave her best wishes to the brides-to-be; saying: "You (both) will surely look ultra gorgeous on your wedding day!"

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