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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Charmaine Sheh: The Golden Bachelorette

[Apple Daily 12/6/2011]

Charmaine Sheh recently left TVB; her maternal home of 14 years and shifted to the Mainland China market. A TV Queen also has her moment of feeling lost; she is aware that her career has been stagnant in the same spot since two years ago. After a long contemplation, she decided to take the risk of venturing out and expanding her horizon.

Finding boyfriend also involve risks. The 36 years old bachelorette occasionally goes on dates and widens her social network. There were rumors saying that many Mainland China tycoons are pursuing her. Earlier, when she was filming in Mainland China, a mysterious man waited for her after work in an expensive car filled with flowers; such a romantic gesture. Charmaine admitted that she is still waiting for love. However, she said that it doesn't matter whether he is wealthy or not. If he can make her smile at first glance, it's considered a pass. Love can be very simple, just like Sister Fa. Sincerity is more valuable than gold.

Expanding social network to find boyfriend

In order to expand her horizon, Charmaine decided to leave TVB. Does this expansion apply in selecting boyfriend too? Accepting this interview at a restaurant in Causeway Bay, Charmaine laughed and replied: "Perhaps. Be it friends or boyfriend, I believe my social network will be expanded as well. Just leave it to fate." Mentioning the rumors of having many wealthy 2nd generation pursuers while filming in Mainland China, Charmaine seem clueless: "I really doesn't understand why there were such rumors. I have not met any wealthy 2nd generation, including the previously rumored tycoons and what not – they doesn't exist. It's up to you to believe or not, but none of them existed."

While filming series in Mainland China, someone claimed seeing an expensive car filled with flowers waiting for Charmaine to finish work. Charmaine immediately denies: "If there were such thing, why no one took pictures? Such exaggeration, of course it's not true! However, I'm already numbed to these kinds of rumors. These rumors started like 10 years ago, but back then the term of wealthy 2nd generation haven’t been popularized yet."

After Kevin Cheng, has Charmaine met new pursuers? "Yes, but just at the stage of getting to know each other. Making new friends are normal social activities. Dating wise, there is but we are not suitable for each other, therefore I do not want to waste each other's time." Charmaine is a woman waiting for love. Her requirement for love is extremely simple: "Most important feeling happy. It's enough if he can make me smile at first glance. It's actually very simple. If I really want someone wealthy, I would have done some much earlier. I never made money criteria while selecting boyfriend. When I love someone, I will go ahead and love."

The instance of Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui revealing their romance to the public and taking vacation together left many artistes envious. Charmaine said: "I feel happy for them. Everyone have their own way of handling (relationship), it's a good thing."

Doesn’t reject the possibility of lightning marriage

If you are dating, will you reveal the relationship to the public? Charmaine replies: "Depends on him. If he is someone outside the entertainment circle, he might feel alarmed or camera shy. I don't know, let's see if this happens." With the current trend of female celebrities having lightning marriage, Charmaine doesn't reject the possibility and laughed: "I won't think too much, wait until Mr Right appears. But that person hasn't appeared yet, so what's the use of talking, or even imagining about it." Heaven knows!

No more refreshed feeling in TVB

From competing in Miss Hong Kong Pageant till becoming a Dongka Fadan, Charmaine already dedicated herself to TVB for 14 years. This year, she changed her contract to per series filming. The reason is simple: 'Wanting to do the best in work.' She is trying to protect her beloved work – acting. Charmaine explained: "I've tried a lot of things in TVB, I no longer feel freshness and I'm afraid that the audience is feeling the same. I want to challenge myself so I decided to leave the greenhouse. I still maintain a good relationship with TVB. They want me to film one series per year and I feel that it's not bad. As long as I'm happy, I will work."

Leaving the nest and heading north to earn China Yuan

TVB has been criticized as harsh, calculative and offering low wages on many occasions. Charmaine denies these are related for her reason to leave. "The conditions set by company (TVB) and others outside are almost the same; it has nothing to do with money. I want to expand my horizon, life is short. Why not seize the chance to see the outside world when you still have the ability to do so? I like acting, and I do not wish to feel bored due to the repetitive working environment. I want to continue loving my job. If something cannot be changed, then I have to change myself. I want to get acquainted other directors, screenwriters, producers, actors or going to different places for filming. Those are my personal challenges."

Entering Mainland China market, will she earn a lot more? Charmaine admitted this. At 36 years old, it's considered late for her. She laughed and said: "I don't know. Well I'm taking the opportunity now." It was said that her departure triggered a wave of artistes leaving TVB. She questioned back: "As far as I'm concerned, only Bowie Lam left. Joe Ma's contract has not expired yet. I don't know much about others, I barely (have the time) for myself."

Wish to venture into the silver screen

It was widely rumored that she will be signing under Huayi Brothers. As usual, she doesn't reveal details but said that her discussion with new company have reached around 90%, the remaining step is signing the contract. She smiled: "No one knows signing which company is the best. I'm just giving it a try." With her TV Queen title and strong foundation (in acting experience), rest assured they won't be giving her crappy roles. "This is my choice. Before taking the next step, I must upgrade myself. For the past two years, I realized that I'm remaining stagnant in the same spot, I wish to venture out." Would you like to film movies? "I think that everyone would like to venture into the silver screen. It doesn't matter what I films, be it movies or series as long as I think that it has a good script."

Sick of TV Queen award: Let other people have it

Last evening, TVB series [My Sister of Eternal Flower] aired its fairytale ending for Charmaine and Raymond's characters in the series. However, [Sister] ratings has been average since the its airing. Last week ratings garnered 26 point. There have been two extreme opinions from netizens; one side praised Sister Fa as being adorable, and another complained that she was exaggerated and loud. Charmaine has already prepared herself for this, well aware that there will be a lot of noise since Ah Wong set a precedent.

Charmaine calmly said: "I never watch any two of Ah Wong series because I'm worried that there will be more similarities if I subconsciously remember it. I expected comparisons because Ah Wong was very popular. But why did I agree filming the series? As an actor, you have to try everything. Of course you would pick a challenging role for yourself. I enjoyed the process – I was happy filming it, audiences enjoyed watching it. What more can I ask for?"

Portraying mentally challenged role is like a benchmark for winning awards. Best examples would be Roger Kwok, Myolie Wu and Kent Cheng. Since Charmaine won Double TV Queen award in 2006 for her role in [Maiden's Vow], did she hope to win again for her role as Sister Fa? She laughed and said: "Of course not. There's no guarantee that it will be nominated." She has been nominated as TV Queen countless times but since she was TVB biological daughter, it made her a popular candidate. With her leaving TVB, would it lower her chances to win this year? Charmaine said: "Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai winning in the past is the best explanation, they are not TVB's biological children. Everyone is filming TVB series just the same. Actually it's already happy enough to be nominated, nowadays awards aren't too important for me."

I do not want to be so exhausted

Are you sick of TV Queen award? Charmaine frankly said: "Before winning this award, I believe it is the greatest motivation for every artiste to win this award. However, I'm not a greedy person. Wanting to get it again next year? I do not want to be so exhausted. I am already physically exhausted due to intense working schedule for so long. If I need to be exhausted mentally too, I might turn crazy! Winning once is good enough, let other people have it. I will feel happy for them too."

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