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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vote for Charmaine @ StarHub TVB Awards 2011

Attention Singaporean fans, StarHub TVB Awards 2011 is approaching! Charmaine is nominated in a few categories and with your support, Charmaine might be able to attend the award ceremony held on July 16th.

Before you vote, you will need: 1. Singapore Identity Card 2. Singapore mobile carrier

Please note that each sms vote will cost SGD0.20. The sms voting will officially end on June 26th.

My Favorite TVB Actress - Charmaine Sheh (F1)

To vote, sms to 77299:

TVB(space)F1(space)Singapore ID(space)Your name

My Favorite Female Character - Princess Chiu Yeung by Charmaine Sheh (FC1)

To vote, sms to 77299:

TVB(space)FC1(space)Singapore ID(space)Your name

My Favorite Onscreen Couple - Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan (C3)

To vote, sms to 77299:

TVB(space)C3(space)Singapore ID(space)Your name

My Favorite TVB Series - Can't Buy Me Love (D4)

To vote, sms to 77299:

TVB(space)D4(space)Singapore ID(space)Your name

For more information, visit StarHub official site here:

Again, thank you for supporting Charmaine and good luck voting!

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