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Monday, May 02, 2011

[TVB Mag Issue 723] My Sister of Eternal Flower - Raymond Lam Charmaine Sheh, A Moment of Romance

Scans credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum

After [The Drive of Life], Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh collaborate again as onscreen partner in [My Sister of Eternal Flower] which will be broadcasted on May 16th. During the filming for promotional clips, they specially dressed up in white wedding gown and riding motorbike, recreating the classic scene from movie [A Moment of Romance]. Both of them had fun filming the clips. TVB Mag presents the behind-the-scene shots and the charms of Raymond and Charmaine.

Left: Imaginary lifestyle

In the clip, Charmaine portrayed the daily life of Sister Fa. In order to meet the requirement of the imaginary lifestyle, Charmaine have to narrate in Sister Fa voice within 10 seconds on how she must eat and clean the dishes in order to watch TV on time. After Charmaine finished her sentence, she said: "This is not easy."

Right: Recreating classical scene

With the image Charmaine and Raymond wearing white wedding dress and riding motorbike, one can instantly recall the classical scene in [Moment]. The new generation of Wah Dee and Jojo is very eye-catching.

Second page, clock wise from top left

A series of ‘Chok’ look

In one of the scene, Raymond removed his helmet and immediately got 'possessed' by Andy Lau. To uphold his suave image, he continuously display a 'chok' face including flicking his hair. So much it looks like a shampoo advertisement.

Possessed by Andy Lau

As soon as he puts on Andy Lau's costumes in the movie, Raymond was extremely immersed and started singing the [Moment] themesong on the spot. With the help of blowing fan, Raymond can safely speed on his motorbike inside the studio.

Mischievous devil

Transformed from prince to devil, the devil is really mischievous. Instead of creating trouble, he creates laughter. Everyone must want to be stalked by a devil like him.

A worrisome face

He is supposed to look suave riding on motorbike, but he look so worrisome in another shot. Wonder what is bothering him?

Loving gaze

While Raymond has worrisome look on his face, Charmaine on the other side is smiling with a loving gaze. Who is the person making Sister Fa full of romance?

Lifting the long dress

As the filming take place in indoor studio and the speeding motorbike can be extremely dangerous, they decide to create the effect of speed by lifting the end of Charmaine's dress. It makes the dress appears that is flying due to speed.

Do not repost.

Bonus: Charmaine Sheh cares about fans

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