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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Charmaine Sheh urged by grandmother to get married

[Takungpao, Singtao, Mingpao, Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, Wenweipo, Oriental Day 08/05/2011]

TVB series [My Sister of Eternal Flower] will be premiering soon on May 16th. Yesterday, cast members including Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Toby Leung, Ngo Ka Nin, Yoyo Chen etc attended the promotional event at Olympian City. They played games and gave out mini piglet toys to audiences.

As Charmaine has recently switched to per filming series, she was asked if [Sister Fa] is her last series with TVB. At this, she immediately replied: "Touchwood! I still have another series [When Heaven Burns] which has not been aired yet." Charmaine added that she will still film TVB series if approached by good scripts. In fact, she will be filming a TVB modern series next month (June).

Charmaine is currently busy filming Patrick Kong's movie [Love is the Only Answer] with Alex Fong and Him Law. Will she have intimate scenes with Alex? Charmaine indicate that she have a kiss scene with him. Since the movie is her first official foray into movie industry, she will not be filming bold scenes yet. However, she revealed that Alex will be having passionate bed scenes with another actress in the movie. As for her other co-star Him, Charmaine praised his body built, especially the muscular chest!

Mentioning her collaboration plans with Huayi Brothers, Charmaine declined to reveal details as they are still in discussions. She will leave it to her manager to arrange for her. Charmaine said that she will be celebrating Mother's Day with her mother in Hong Kong this year. Speaking of mother, did she urge Charmaine to get married soon? "No, but my grandmother is more anxious. The nurse often told her about my news. Earlier there was news about me having dinner with a male acquaintance and she immediately asked me to bring him over." Has she ever asked about Charmaine's rumor with Kevin Cheng? "No, perhaps that was another nurse. (Having pursuers right now?) Considered ok."

On the other hand, ex-flame Benny Chan recently lost his handphone which was rumored to contain some intimate pictures. Charmaine was not worried: "I've never taken intimate pictures before, but I will give him a call to console him about the missing phone. We are good friends and still keep in touch."

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Sehseh: Another new TVB series? In this case, she might have declined or postponed [Model]. She has been extremely tight-lipped with her Mainland projects, we'll have to patiently wait for official announcement then. According to Charmaine, she will be working with new onscreen partners in the upcoming TVB series.

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