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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Charmaine's official statement to the media 11/5/2011

Attn: Press and News Media

Recently some irresponsible media has published baseless, malicious slander without verifying information from any involved parties. These false publications has seriously affected the image of us three parties. Hence, we reserve the right to pursue legal actions.

Signed by Charmaine Sheh
Co-signed by Mr Tony Shiu and Lam Choi Ying
Date: 11th May 2011

Sehseh: Go Charmaine! Teach these stupid paparazzis a lesson! A few days ago, a tabloid posted an article of Charmaine having dinner with Mr Tony Shiu, alleging that they are dating. Today, NEXT mag published headline saying that Charmaine is a 3rd party in Tony's marriage (his wife is Lam Choi Ying) - the title is so ugly, it had me fuming in office (LOL). Within a few hours, Charmaine issued an official statement together with Tony Shiu and his wife. We'll see if NEXT will apologize and retract their article.

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