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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Charmaine Sheh withstand hunger to film movie

[Oriental Daily 4/5/2011]

Charmaine Sheh, the highest earning actress of TVB not only has decided to head to Mainland China after her contract expires but also expressed intention to expand into the movie field. She is recently filming a new movie directed by Patrick Kong with Alex Fong Lik Sun and Him Law.

Last evening, Charmaine and Him appeared in a dessert shop near Hung Hom to film the movie. During meal break Charmaine rather withstand hunger by not eating; only having a box of lemon tea. She took the initiative to rehearse the script with fellow cast and appeared to be very professional.

After her management contract with TVB expired, Charmaine switched the contract format to per series filming and decided to concentrate in the Mainland China market. With the intention to expand in movie field, she recently collaborates with director Patrick Kong who is known for his romantic movies. In the movie, she portrays husband and wife with Alex and share plenty screentime together.

Around 10 o'clock last evening, Charmaine and Him appeared together in a dessert shop in Hung Hom for filming. As soon as Charmaine arrived at the location, she attracted many passerby who gathered around to watch them. Used to similar situation, Charmaine were not distracted by the huge crowd. Instead, she immersed into her role quickly and concentrates on finishing her scene with Him inside the shop, showing extreme professionalism.

Afterward, Patrick approached them and explained the script with them. Charmaine did not lose her attention, and besides listening with full attention she occasionally jots down important notes. During rehearsal, Him will often make jokes, making Charmaine smile brightly. Their collaboration appeared to be enjoyable.

At meal break, the cast moved elsewhere to rest and the production crew bought fast food to cure their hunger. The professional Charmaine was not enticed and rather withstand hunger by drinking lemon tea only. Shortly afterward, she took the initiative to rehearse the script with Patrick, Him and Rose Chan.

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Charmaine's character name in [Love is the Only Answer] is Kwong Mei Bo, or Ah Bo. Sounds familiar? That is because director Patrick Kong uses the same name for his leading ladies in almost all his movies. Special thanks to Bebe for the news :)

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