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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Charmaine Sheh viciously attacked Alex Fong on the streets

[The Sun, Oriental Daily, Apple Daily 07/05/2011]

Last evening, Charmaine Sheh and Alex Fong filmed an argument scene for Patrick Kong's new movie [Love is the Only Answer] in Causeway Bay. The filming took place on the street outside SOHO and attracted a huge crowd. During filming, Charmaine keep scolding Alex and even hitting him with her handbag. They keep getting NG takes because they couldn't hold in their laughter.

The production crew originally wanted to film in low profile and rented a shoplot nearby as makeup room for them both. However, as soon as they start to film on the street, they attracted over 100 passerby who started to surround and fervently take pictures.

The scene was about Charmaine and Alex arguing on the street. At one point, Charmaine was so pissed she hit him with her handbag. Trying to appease her, Alex said: "I really want to treat you to an abalone meal!" Charmaine retorted: "I'll treat you to eat shit!" Due to the hilarious dialog, they keep bursting into laughter and resulting NG takes. The usually soft speaking Charmaine seems to have exerted her voice from the shouting and have to constantly drink water to soothe her throat.

Later at 11pm, Charmaine and Evelyn Chai filmed another scene in Wanchai. There were a few drunkards passing by the area and accidentally knocked down the lighting set up by the filming crew. Thinking that the lighting was damaged, they called the police. They later found out that the lighting was not damaged and decide not to pursue the matter future. The drunkards were released after being given a warning by the police.

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