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Monday, May 23, 2011

Charmaine Sheh regretful of the discrimination allegation in [Sister Fa]

[Takungpao 22/05/2011]

Yesterday the cast of [My Sister of Eternal Flower] including Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Yoyo Chen, Toby Leung, Ngo Ka Nin etc promoted the series at East Point City Mall. Though the series has been aired for just a week, the response are not bad. Charmaine joked that her nephew is now her little fans; refusing to go to bed because he wanted to watch the TV.

Regarding the complaint of Raymond's character making discriminatory remarks against mentally challenged people, Charmaine explained on his behalf: "Everyone is too absorbed in the filming, we did not notice this part. We are regretful if this upsets anyone. We are trying to show the cute side of the mentally challenged people and to entertain the audiences. We have no intention to discriminate." There was also complaint that Charmaine looked pretty and doesn't match the mentally challenged people. At this, Charmaine doesn't know whether she should laugh or cry: "I don't know how to reply this question. Before this I have visited the school for special children and some of them are really active and cute."

Mentioning the recent topic of the town; the super jackpot, Charmaine revealed that she bought a few tickets together with Alex Fong and Patrick Kong hoping to win some money. Though their numbers didn't match, Charmaine said they had fun. Have she ever thought of how to use the money if she won? Charmaine frankly said that she didn't give much though about it, she just want to join the hype. If she won, she will manage them carefully. In the past she won a few thousand dollars before, but since the amount is quite small, she don't feel it's necessary to mention them.

Recently, Charmaine's manager Tina was criticized for her rude attitude toward the media. At this, Charmaine revealed that she looked into the matter and found out that it was just a misunderstanding. She will handle it by herself. Charmaine expressed that she enjoyed collaborating with her manager. Does that mean she supports her manager? "Definitely. However, we will accept feedback and continue to improve ourselves."

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