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Monday, May 16, 2011

Charmaine Sheh refuse to date married men

[Mingpao, Takungpao 13/05/2011]

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh attended the opening ceremony of luxury jewellery brand; Bvlgari in Macau. She look luminous and wore a set of rubies worth over HKD69 million.

Recently, a magazine alleged that Charmaine was the 3rd party in Tony Shiu and Mandy Lam's marriage, labeling her as 'seducing other people's husband'. At this, Charmaine swiftly issued a joint statement with Tony and Mandy against the defamatory article. "I feel that it is necessary for me to step up and clarify the truth."

During the event, Charmaine's mood was not too affected by the rumors. Charmaine indicate that she remain friends with Tony and she does not agree being a 3rd party in relationship nor has she commit it in the past. She will not build happiness upon other people's misery. As the content and words usage in the article is very defamatory, she decided to address the issue upfront.

Will she avoid being friends with married men in the future? Charmaine replied that she is making friends, not finding a boyfriend so she won't ask everyone if they are married. Regarding the allegation of Tony and Mandy getting a divorce, Charmaine said she doesn't know about other people's personal matter, but she is very clear of what is happening around herself.

Though Charmaine is wealthy herself, she not looking for anyone rich as her life partner as the most important thing is the ability to communicate and feeling comfortable around each other.

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