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Monday, May 23, 2011

Charmaine Sheh once considered marrying someone outside the industry

[Wenweipo 23/05/2011]

Charmaine Sheh is renowned for her high EQ in the entertainment circle. Joining the circle for more than 10 years, she calmly faced numerous rumors. Though she knew that she is the target of paparazzi, she will still smile for the camera and allow you to take pictures to help the reporter complete their job. Actually, someone outside the entertainment circle once made her consider getting married.

Remembering year 1997 when Charmaine competed in Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, she was dubbed by the media as 'mini Carina Lau'. Unexpectedly, Charmaine's rumors were also as colorful as Carina's. Not long after the pageant, the winner Virginia Yung married tycoon Wu who is 20 years her senior and retired from showbiz. Only Charmaine who won 2nd runner up became an artiste. Observing closely at Charmaine's powdered face, one noticed a small scar. Upon inquiring, it was actually a result of injury while filming series. She has already joined the circle for 13 years and just switched her contract format with TVB, intending to venture outside. "Entering showbiz for so long, I often get injured. Before this I injure my waist filming series. While filming [PITNOL] in 2003, I slipped and fell due to extreme fatigue. It left a permanent scar therefore I have to keep concealing it with make up. Mr. Photographer, please edit the picture." Charmaine commented to the photographer as she flips through the pictures.

As TVB leading actress, Charmaine's hardworking level is comparable to Andy Lau's. For the past 10 years, she persevere filming 16, 17 hours daily and even not sleeping for 5 days 4 nights. Charmaine frankly admitted that though the process is grueling, she enjoyed it. "After competing in MHK and first entering the showbiz, I'm quite clueless. The company asked me whether I want to audition and I answered without thinking: "Of course I will audition! When my first two series [Time Out] and [FFOSM] was aired, people laughed at my 'chicken voice' and kept criticizing me. I lost my confidence and started to doubt whether I should enter the showbiz."

Enlightened in [Country Spirit]

That's right. Studying in convent school and Hotel Management in Switzerland alone after Form 6, she is a capable girl but instead she was criticized for her bad acting. Charmaine was reluctant to go to work until she filmed [Return of the Cuckoo] and [Country Spirit]. She began to get enlightened and understand what is acting. "I studied in convent school and was a typical girl; I neither talk much nor have desire to stand out. When I first entered showbiz, my characters are mostly girl-next-door, unlike the real me. The character in [ROTC] is frank and straightforward, closely resembles myself. The portrayal is natural and people started to notice my changes. But I’m happiest in being offered the character Lai Shun Fung in [Country Spirit]." Despite the filming condition in Guangxi, the environment Charmaine to get into her character. "Reality, imagination and prop are three different things, real scenery shooting is more beneficial for someone lacking in experience like me. From that time onward, I realized that I like acting."

Hoping characters bring refreshing feeling too audiences

Since then, Charmaine's acting began to improve. In 10 years, from being criticized as 'chicken voice' and bad acting, Charmaine became the first actress to win Double TV Queen (Best Actress Award and Favorite Female Character Award) in 2006 for her portrayal of 4 characters in [Maiden's Vow]. In 2007, she was nominated for Best Actress Award in 35th International Emmy Awards; the first Hong Kong actress to be nominated in overseas award. When asked to choose her favorite 3 characters, Charmaine said it's a difficult decision because she likes all the series she accepted. "If I really have to choose, it would be [Country Spirit], [War & Beauty] and [Can't Buy Me Love]. However, I like every character that I have portrayed no matter it's a good or evil role. I feel fortunate being able to film many good series. For example, Princess Chiu Yeung in [CBML] is a new experience. Normal people can only live one life, but I lived 50 different lives. Now, I hope that my upcoming roles will be able to bring refreshed feelings to audiences."

Charmaine recently announced that she has switched to per series filming contract with TVB. That means that the currently airing [My Sister of Eternal Flower] and [When Heaven Burns] is her temporary farewell works in TVB. Mentioning about leaving the nest, Charmaine expressed that it's just another method of collaboration. "Working in the company for over 10 years, I have collaborated with almost everyone. Changing a new way of collaboration is only meant to find new motivation. I want a new kind of sparks, a richer life experience, something for me to reminisce when I'm old. Filming series cannot depend on imagination alone. I like watching people. Maybe because I'm a Gemini, I enjoy observing people, listening to their conversation and figuring why they behaved such way. Sometimes I look pre-occupied, but I'm actually silently observing my surroundings."

There's a bottom line when it come to rumors

Charmaine who has just finished filming Patrick Kong's new movie [Love is the Only Answer] was widely rumored to be signing contract with Mainland China’s Huayi Brothers. Charmaine strongly denied but admit that they have been discussing on some levels. "Working for over 10 years, my mind seems to be deteriorated. I really like to take a break. A lot of people said that my IQ is high. Sometimes at home, I would think "What does that got to do with me?" Sometimes reporter will call and ask me questions that are not related to me. I have my bottom line, which is not to hurt my family members. Sometimes when I'm angry with what the media wrote, I will just call my friends and let it all out. Normally after the 10th call, I will forget the reason I'm upset in the first place."

Romance depends on fate, seeking happiness in time together

This Saturday marks Charmaine's 36th birthday. The topic of her romance life has always been headlines in tabloid; recently a magazine labeled her as 3rd party in other people's marriage. Charmaine was so angry and immediately issued a joint statement with the other party (Tony Shiu and wife) to clarify the situation. In her past relationships, Charmaine indicate that someone outside entertainment circle had once made her considered marriage.

"My principal in life is not to do something to hurt someone, hope everyone understand that I have my bottom line. Thank you for everyone's concern, my Mr Right has yet to appear. My mother did not urge me to get married, but my 97 years old grandmother does. She listens to news from nurse; knows that I met a male friend for dinner and immediately requested to see him. Once there was someone outside the entertainment circle who made me considered marriage. In the past, we think of marriage when we date. However a lot of things cannot be controlled at will, and certainly not on single side. Plus the two of them must not get bored of each other; there are plenty of examples where couples separated after dating for a long time, or even divorce after getting married. Two people getting together depends on fate, we can only wait for it to come. In choosing a husband, I don't need someone rich, as long as comfortable and happy together. He has to be taller than me in order to give me a sense of security. I don’t know whether I will announce my marriage in the future, which depends on my other half."

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