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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Charmaine Sheh is dry, wanting to be loved

[Oriental Daily 7/5/2011]

When you achieved happiness, it's inevitable that you will start to desire excitement. After struggling for a year, Charmaine decided to leave TVB. The reason she is stepping outside the greenhouse is because she is seeking a breakthrough in her career and not wanting to stay in the same spot. Career wise, she may be taking initiative but when it comes to romance, Charmaine just let it go along with fate.

Career: Fear of hating the job

To Charmaine, venturing outside (TVB) not only means she can create more sparks with different actors, but also create an unknown sense of excitement.

"Staying with TVB for 13 years, besides gaining fame and fortune, the most important thing is that I have found a job I like. I consider it a blessing that I truly find my job enjoyable because many people out there doesn't like theirs. In addition, the job constantly gives me fresh feeling, making me more interested as I work. I slowly fell in love with this job."

Feeling excited to venture outside

"I have actually struggled with the issue of contract renewal for a year plus. Slowly, I realized this is not right, I cannot move further if I keep staying at the same spot. Yes, I have work but I feel that I don't have goals. This can't be, I spent most of my time in work and yet I do not have goals?! I can't continue acting if I don't have the motivation. I started to think about how to create that motivation. I want to try collaborating with different people to create sparks. Plus, people should give new thing a try, you can't remain stagnant.

TVB have protected me well all these years. However, venturing outside did not make me uneasy but instead brings excitement. This is because everything is unknown. For many years I've followed the path TVB given to me, which is guaranteed safe. But venturing outside is like stepping on the road, there will be danger. But along danger there will be opportunities, therefore I feel very excited, looking forward to it."

No more sparks with previous collaborations

"I hope I can continue to like my job, and at the same time I won't give myself too much pressure on what I want to achieve. My target is not to hate my job. If I keep filming TVB series, I would have collaborated with most of the artistes already. Repeatedly working with same person will not create much sparks. After going around in circles, I really fear that one day I'll end up hating my job.

I don't feel reluctant not renewing my contract because I didn't feel like I'm leaving! Not biological children (management contract)? Truthfully, there's not much difference. That doesn't mean I will film less TVB series. As long as the script is good and someone approaches me, then I will film. Not including me in activities because I'm no longer biological child? Hope they won't treat me that way!"

Romance: Come what come may

Charmaine dares to love. As long as she meet an ideal partner, she would not mind about his status or career. She will completely fall in love.

"In the future when I'm filming series, I will try not to over exert myself. After so many years, it's impossible not to have a toll on my health. My liver and eyes are definitely not in good shape. But sometimes when you meet good script and co-stars, it's very difficult to decline the job. Therefore my goal now is to take everything easy and give myself a holiday. I will take breaks before I start on a new project. It's better when you can prepare for your job.

As for romance, I’ll let nature take its course. Afterall it’s not like shopping for clothes or pets. Though they say you will meet more people in Mainland China, I haven’t really thought about. Mentioning about a lot of Mainland China actress dating wealthy second generation, I was filming in Mainland China too and I did not encounter any of this. So it's not related, if the heaven want you to meet someone, you will meet someone."

Being in love is more beautiful

Like Sonija Kwok, will she disregard status if she found someone suitable?

"I'm also not concerned of his social status, for me romance is 'come what come may'. As long as he is a good person that matches to my liking. I'm not desperate to get married; there are plenty instances of failed marriages among my friends. I don't know about my fate, but being able to date will be better. Most dating relationship brings happiness. Having someone to love you, you will become more beautiful! (Are you more beautiful lately?) Quite beautiful, I’m beautiful everyday!"

The race of 5 possible successors

"Who will be the successor for 1st Sister after I left? Wah, I don't dare to admit that! Everyone is on the same level. From what I've seen, a Fadan has to be successful in costume and modern series in order to be popular. There are a few good ones… Tavia Yeung can carry good and evil role, and also costume and modern series. Fala Chen has good audience fate; she already gained a head start. Though I've not collaborated with Kate Tsui before, I know that she is a smart girl and quite diversified. Linda Chung is the pure, girl-next-door type, she carries a positive image and have good audience fate as well. Myolie Wu is very hardworking, she constantly improves herself and seeks change. Hehe… they are all special in their own ways! So difficult to predict, I also wonder who will stand out!"

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