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Friday, May 20, 2011

Charmaine Sheh denies copying 'Ah Wong': "The audiences are prejudiced by first impression"

[Mingpao,, Takungpao 20/05/2011]

Yesterday, Alex Fong, Charmaine Sheh and Him Law continue filming their new movie [Love is the Only Answer]. Charmaine and Alex portrayed a married couple, and due to Alex playboy nature, the duo divorced. Charmaine revealed that she will have bed scene with Him: "To me, the scene is considered very daring. However I cannot reveal more details at the moment."

In the movie, Alex portrayed a flirtatious guy and always attended wild parties. One of them is a 'wife swapping party', in which he swapped Charmaine with another woman. This lead to Charmaine involvement with Him. 

Labeled at the female version of Ah Wong in [My Sister of Eternal Flower], Charmaine replied: "People are already prejudiced by first impression; I can't do anything about that. Please have a little patience and you will notice the differences as the series progressed. Actually, it's a positive thing to have talking point and the ratings are not bad." Did Charmaine watch Roger Kwok's portrayal of Ah Wong? "I was pre-occupied with work during the airing of both Ah Wong series; therefore I never really watched them. During the filming of [Sister Fa], I originally considered borrowing the series from the company (TVB), but I cancelled the plan as I'm worried I will be influenced by Ah Wong's style."

Charmaine added that prior to filming [Sister Fa], she visited schools for special children to communicate and study their behavior. 

Do not repost.

Sehseh: "Wife swapping party", or "swingers club" is actually a club where men temporarily exchanged wives as sex partners. Don't be surprised that this moral decay activity actually thrived in the higher educated, white collar society. Patrick Kong is known for his cynicism in modern relationships, we'll just have to wait till July-August to get the full picture!

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