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Monday, May 16, 2011

Charmaine Sheh condemns home wrecker allegations

[Mingpao, 12/05/2011]

Charmaine Sheh has always been surrounded by rumors. When it comes to rumors with her on-screen co-stars, she usually shrugged them off with a laugh. However, recently a magazine alleged that Charmaine is in a relationship with businessman Tony Shiu which eventually led to the latter divorce with financial adviser Mandy Lam. Suddenly being accused of getting other people's marriage breakdown, Charmaine does not sit back and issued a joint statement with Mr & Mrs Tony Shiu to the press, condemning the groundless, slanderous article. During the interview, Charmaine expressed that the allegation of 3rd party is too serious and she had to step up and clarify the truth.

Yesterday, Charmaine issued a joint statement with Tony Shiu and his wife condemning the recent slanderous article released by some irresponsible magazine (note: Next Magazine). They indicate that the article was made up without verification from any party. The defamatory article has greatly affected the reputation of the three of them and they reserve the right to pursue legal actions.

During the phone interview, Charmaine indicate that she has read the content of the article and feel that it has crossed the line. In addition, the accusation of being a home wrecker is too heavy to bear. She stressed that she has never involved in anyone's marriage.

Asked if she knew Mandy (Tony's wife), Charmaine said that she only knew Tony through a common friend. They had meal together twice with a group of people. After discussing with Tony and Mandy, they decided that issuing a joint statement is the best solution. Through this, she is now acquainted with Mandy. Charmaine sighed: "Getting dragged into this kind of rumors for no reason, I must step out and clarify!"

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Additional news pictures from the set of [Love is the Only Answer]:

On a side note, Him Law revealed that he will be having kiss scene and also bed scene with Charmaine in the movie.

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