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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Charmaine filming movie 《人約離婚後》

Updates: Added more pics 5/5/2011

Movie 《人約離婚後》 (Love Is The Only Answer) directed by Patrick Kong (aka Yip Lim Sum) has already started filming for several days, albeit low profile.

Confirmed cast: Charmaine Sheh, Alex Fong, Him Law
Expected theatrical release: End of August 2011

The above shots of the script came from Patrick Kong's weibo, it seems that the English title will be [Love Is The Only Answer] (beat me, I don't know how is that relevant to the Chinese title, which suppose to mean 'a date after divorce'). Dear Director Yip, if you are reading this... I suggest 'Les Rendez-vous de Divorce'. Ok, I admit I know nothing about French, but hey it sound more glamorous. Kekeke...

On the top of the script, the line reads: "Another daring work by Patrick Kong after [Marriage with a Liar]"

At the bottom, it says: "Dare to Love, Careful in Stealing"

Now, the word 偷 means stealing, or they could be playing innuendos as it could also mean 偷情, aka having secret affairs. We will just have to wait for more filming news or official synopsis released by Patrick Kong.

This afternoon, onlookers spotted Charmaine and Alex Fong Lik Sun filming a scene on the street. Pictures credit as labeled:

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