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Friday, May 27, 2011

Chances of getting back together with Kevin Cheng? Charmaine Sheh: "Egg tart?"

[Mingpao 27/05/11]

Yesterday, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh attended the store opening ceremony of luxury watch Audemars Piguet as couple team. This is considered the first public appearance of the rumored couple after their breakup. Charmaine greeted Kevin and even placed her hand on his shoulder to pose for pictures. However, they appeared to be a little distant. Kevin admitted that he haven't saw her since their group gathering last year but they kept in contact via phone. Regarding Charmaine's rumored with married businessman Tony, Kevin fully supported her: "Of course I support her! Those are silly rumors, I won't believe them at all. She already released an official statement. If she says it's not true, then it's not true. These kind of allegations are damaging to a lady. Charmaine handled it very well and reduced the damage level."

Asked why there was no official statement released when Charmaine was accused of being the 3rd party between his relationship with Nikki Chow, Kevin indicate it's a huge difference when the other party is already married. In another words, does he means that it's ok being a 3rd party if the guy is not married? At this, Kevin darkened his expression and strongly defended: "Each case is different. Let bygones be bygones. She is not a 3rd party! She is a good person; a good person won't do that." After hearing Kevin's support, Charmaine is thankful for his support. She frankly said that she haven't seen him for quite some time, so she's happy being able to make money with him today. Asked about her love life, she replied: "Waiting." (Did you consider reconciling (fan tat) with Kevin?) She amusingly asked reporter whether they want egg tart (dan tat). Later, she seriously replied: "We are friends that can talk. He is a good guy. Chances? I do not answer hypothetical question."

Charmaine is unsure whether Kevin is dating right now and said that he probably won't tell the truth even if asked. Mentioning the married Tony, she said: "We didn't meet. Everyone was upset. Let things cool down a bit!" Regarding Stephen Chan going on trial for graft charges, Charmaine admits that she already receive the notice to appear in court, but she is unsure of the time and other people who are summoned. She indicate that apart from discussing the case, she can still talk with Stephen.

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