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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Leaving TVB and expanding to silver screen, Charmaine Sheh to 'wed and divorce' Alex Fong

[Apple Daily 07/04/2011]

Charmaine Sheh, who is known as Queen of Earning in TVB will be leaving after her contract ends. She will be focusing on filming Mainland China series and advertisement. Meanwhile, director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) who specialized in making romantic films decided to let go of his favorite actress Stephy Tang and cast Charmaine with Alex Fong Lik Sun in new movie instead. At the same time, Charmaine receives good treatment from TVB by airing her series soon, despite no longer their biological daughter.

In the recent years, Charmaine has secured her status as TVB 1st Sister. The series she starred in has ratings guarantee and she is popular among advertisers. She has just completed filming advertisement for a Mainland China beverage brand, and also bedding sheet company (A-Fontane) which she renewed her contract with. She even shared the filming pictures in her Weibo. As she has a strong market value, Charmaine decided to venture outside after her management contract with TVB ends and signing per series contract instead. She now has greater freedom in earning money in Mainland China.

Director Yip Lim Sum set his eyes on Charmaine and seeks to cast her with Alex Fong in a new movie. Currently promoting [Mr. & Mrs. Single] in Beijing, Yip admitted through phone interview that he intend to cast Charmaine and Alex in [Les Rendez-vous de Divorce] 《人约离婚后》 as husband and wife. He said: "This movie is the last piece in the 'Marriage' three sagas, the first one [Marriage with a Liar] and followed by [Mr. & Mrs. Single]. In the beginning of the movie, Charmaine and Alex's characters have divorced."

Yip added that he has always wanted to work with different actors, earlier with Chrissie Chau and Him Lam. "I have always wanted to collaborate with Charmaine. Her role in the movie will be very appealing, a breakthrough scene but I can't reveal now." Yip said that it's been quite some time since he cast Stephy due to boundaries in roles and partners.

Yesterday during an award presentation ceremony in Tsim Sha Tsui, the issue about Joe Ma's wife criticizing TVB being heartless was brought up. Since Charmaine has left, does she feel lucky? Charmaine said: "I'm unclear about the incident, but there's bound to be hardship in work. There's no reaping without sowing. I have nothing to complaint. Sure I experienced hardship, but there's no choice but to persevere on." Regarding Sammul Chan mocking TVB's low pay, Charmaine said: "My pay has increased. I maintained a good working relationship with TVB. Working hours in TVB can be longer, but I've done some adjustment in recent years. I get an average 6 hours of rest daily. However filming in Mainland China can take a very long time."

Though she has only signed per series contract with TVB, they still treated her well by arranging for her series with Raymond Lam [Sister Fa] to be aired on 16th next month, avoiding the fate of being warehoused.

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Image Hosted by Alex Fong Lik Sun? Now this is unexpected. Definitely anticipate this project, though Director Yip's films tend to be hit and miss (and also quite some risque intimate scenes too).

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Qingwa said...

When I read this article to ‘a breakthrough scene’ I don’t feel positive.

After reading your comment about Director Yip's film style, oh!! I don’t want Charmaine to star in his movie.

I want her breakthrough scene and first movie this year on good way, just like interesting character or development of character.

However I think Charmaine knows what is good for her. Will support her decision.

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