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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Charmaine Sheh: I received salary increase

[Singtao, Mingpao, Oriental Daily 07/04/2011]

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh attended the award presentation ceremony of Next TV Awards 2011. Recently, Joe Ma's wife openly criticized TVB as inhuman in treating their artist, sparking controversies that TVB mistreats their artistes.

When asked whether filming TVB is a very grueling job, Charmaine smiled and said: "There aren't any jobs that are not demanding! There's no reaping without sowing. Whether it's grueling or not, depends on individual's health condition. (TVB mistreating its artistes and no salary increase? I received salary increase. To summarize, I have a good working relationship with TVB. Of course, the working hours are longer, but it has improved in recent years. There's 6 hours of rest daily. Filming Mainland China series might even take a longer time… (But the fee is higher) Yes it's true, but at least filming in Hong Kong allows me to go home daily to take a shower." Charmaine added that though work can be demanding, but she doesn't think much about it and try to persevere on.

When Raymond Lam's scandal with ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan was brought up, Charmaine seriously expressed: "If you love someone, you should respect them. Everyone has different personalities, the most important is to start and end a relationship amicably. (You believe that there was a 3rd party?) I do not believe this, Raymond is a person who is faithful in love. (Virginia Lok separating the lovers?) It’s just rumors." Charmaine points out that if you loved someone, you should not hurt them.

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