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Monday, April 04, 2011

Charmaine Sheh involved in minor traffic accident

Charmaine Sheh signed per series filming contract with TVB, will be filming Mainland China series [Model] soon

[The Sun, Oriental Daily 4/4/2011]

Charmaine Sheh seems to be plagued by bad luck recently, first with her arm dislocation which put her out of work temporarily. Last evening, she was involved in a minor traffic accident after having dinner in Central. Charmaine accidentally hit the back of a taxi at the traffic light and she compensated HKD500 to resolve the issue.

Last month, Charmaine ended her management contract with TVB and enjoyed a leisured life. She was resting in Hong Kong and preparing for her projects in Mainland China. She often catches up with friends at meals. Unfortunately, Charmaine was involved in another accident again after injuring her arm three months ago. In the past, she was involved in 3 traffic accident and had her driving license suspended twice.

Last night around 8pm Charmaine drove to Gough Street, Central alone in her white Benz. The dressed up Charmaine parked her car nearby and quickly entered the restaurant to meet up her ex-manager Tina. They ordered a sumptuous spread and chatted non-stop. After 2 hours plus, Charmaine and Tina finally exit and walked to the car. They kept chatting and Charmaine, who was in a happy mood, excitedly emphasizing with her hands gestures. Tina went back to the restaurant after accompanying Charmaine to her car.

Charmaine's car stopped behind a taxi at the traffic light, waiting for the light to turn green. When the light turned green, Charmaine's car knocked into the back of the tax. Realizing the accident, Charmaine parked her car at the side of the road and the taxi driver asked her to come over. Charmaine was friendly and apologized to the taxi driver. After the accident, some red paint can be seen on Charmaine's car front bumper.

After Charmaine and the taxi driver examined the condition at the back of the taxi, Charmaine took the initiative and asked: "How much would you like me to compensate?" The taxi driver asked for a few hundred dollars, and Charmaine quickly went back to her car to get her purse. She compensated HKD500 to resolve the issue and smilingly drove back to her residence.

During the phone interview, she said: "Actually it's just a minor accident. The most important thing is that no one gets injured. (Getting into another car accident again?) It's not what I want. I'll regard it as losing money to avert disaster."

Earning money in Mainland China, Charmaine to become million dollars [Model]

Charmaine has ended her long term management contract with TVB. With her reputation as TVB 1st leading actress, she has a strong following in Mainland China market. Many big and small agencies in both Hong Kong and Mainland China hope to recruit her into their company. Though she haven't confirmed on her new company, she have already accepted her 1st series upon leaving TVB. She will be starring in Huayi Brothers new series [Model] with filming fees exceeding HKD1 million. Her co-stars are Taiwanese hunk Godfrey Gao and Korean actor Kim Jung Hoon who previously starred in [Palace].

Charmaine is also discussing other series with Huayi, including [Cao Cao] with Sun Hong Lei and another grand production series [If You Are the One]. However, these are not confirmed yet. Though she is expanding her career in Mainland China now, Charmaine maintains a good relationship with her 'maternal home' TVB by signing per series filming contract of 30 episodes per year.

About the news of her being in hot demand, Charmaine said: "I'm now discussing with various companies, it's not just about the money. I also have to consider about the career development, I need to slowly think over. (Over HKD1 million of filming fee?) Hmm… let's just say that the fee is satisfying. (Will you still film TVB series?) Of course, my relationship with TVB is still good. I will film a series each year."

Do not repost.

If anyone is wondering who is Godfrey Gao and Kim Jung Hoon, their pictures below:

Godfrey Gao is a Taiwanese model and idol actor, while Kim Jung Hoon is a Korean actor and singer (he's the 2nd lead in Goong, which I like very much keke)

Huayi bought the copyright from the Korean version of [Model], but they will be changing the storyline and characters. [Model] is expected to start filming in Shanghai end of this month. Charmaine's character is a manager of modelling agency. Source: 莉莉玛莲 from Kuangai TVB BBS.

p.s. Also, Charmaine has already confirmed that she is no longer TVB management artiste, I hope fans can support her and put this matter to rest already.

Tina is still Charmaine's manager.


alicechen said...

Glad she's okay. ^^

AND WHAT! I'm too giddy right now Sehseh...PRINCE YUL....KIM! Jung! Hoon! And that hottie Godfrey Gao...Have never seen him in anything but he looks fine! Hope there are more eye candies...keke

sehseh said...

Hi Alicechen :)

I'm surprise he took another Mainland China series - I thought he is picking a Korean drama script for his comeback. Before his enlistment, he wasn't really active in Korea either, but instead concentrated on his Japanese album.

alicechen said...

*waves to Sehseh* ^_^

I thought he would too but he's like the male version of Jang Na Ra, who focuses on her foreign activities more than homeland.

I'm wondering, are they going to dub all their voices except for Godfrey? Not sure about KJH's fluency in Can/Man.

P.S. Love the new button!

sehseh said...

I think they will be dubbing Charmaine and Jung Hoon voice, since their Mandarin is not good. I think KJH is better in Japanese than Chinese!

Just wondering how the production is going to resolve the height issue... since Godfrey is like 195cm tall!

alicechen said...

^ Holy heck...that's like 10 cm taller than most Korean Hunks.

Erm...maybe, little chairs and Godfrey knee-bending moves. haha XD

I'm very curious to see them three interact! Should be full of fun!

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