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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charmaine Sheh earned HKD10 million from selling her Fengshui house

[Mingpao, Takungpao, The Sun 12/04/2011]

Charmaine Sheh and Roger Kwok attended the opening ceremony of Volkswagen showroom in Kowloon Bay yesterday, arriving at the venue in their newest model. Roger expressed his interest in buying a 7-seater car as his wife is giving birth to their second child in July. Charmaine has just bought a new car last year; therefore she will not be purchasing another anytime soon. Asked if their appearance fee is enough to purchase a new car, Charmaine joked that their combined fees should be able to purchase one.

In recent years, plenty of artistes head up north to Mainland to expand their career and invest in real estate. At this, Charmaine smiled and replied that she has not considered buying properties in Mainland because it's quite expensive. In addition, her friends and family is in Hong Kong so she doesn't have such plans at the moment. Asked if she will date a wealthy second generation in Mainland China, Charmaine said: "My job is my main priority." She admits that she will be moving into Kowloon Tong (Dynasty Heights) soon, but she is not afraid of having her pictures secretly taken like her soon-to-be neighbor; Fiona Sit. "I always let the blinds down when I'm at home. The scenery I get is the (closed) window. However I've not moved in yet." She indicate that she was willing to sell her old 'fengshui' house due to the attractive profit of HKD10 million. Though the real estate market has shot up recently, Charmaine expressed that she need somewhere to live in, therefore she went ahead purchasing a new property despite the expensive price. She indicates that her stepfather recently passed away and she is currently persuading her mother to come back from Hawaii and stay with her.

Earlier, there were rumors that Mainland China production agencies intended to lure Charmaine to join their companies and in the end she chose to sign per series contract with TVB. She said: "I didn't really leave TVB; it's just that I'm changing the contract to per series filming. The effective date is as given by Virginia Lok, the period is 2 years." Charmaine was asked if she will spending more time in Mainland China. "It's more or less the same. Last year I filmed two series in Mainland China. (Increase in fees?) A little, I'm satisfied with it." Regarding the report that Mainland China agencies offering high amount of fees, Charmaine laughed that there were such rumors and it'll be great if the offer price is indeed that high.

Charmaine has signed per series filming contract with TVB and it does not include managing her contracts in Mainland China. Charmaine revealed that some companies approached her, but said that she is still considering. It has to depend on how they will promote her, including expansion into movie industry. Was it due to movie industry higher filming fees compared to TV? "No, I just want to change a new working environment, another circle of industry." As TVB will be producing more movies as well, Charmaine expressed that they might have opportunity to collaborate in the future.

How about the television version of [If You Are the One]? Charmaine indicate that it has not been confirmed, therefore she couldn't reveal details at the moment.

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