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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Raymond Lam doesn't know that Charmaine Sheh will be leaving TVB

[Ent.QQ 03/03/2011]

Note: I only translated parts related to Charmaine

Raymond Lam recently attended 'Love Forever' event in Mainland China and had a gathering with fans and media coming from different places in the country. When asked about the management changes and also the rumors of Charmaine Sheh signing with a Mainland China agency, Raymond indicate that he didn't know about them as he was too busy working.

These days news coming from TVB seems to become huge topic, for example the rumors of Charmaine Sheh not renewing her contract with TVB after it expires but signing with a Mainland China agency instead for a fee worth HKD15 million. It was alleged that he rumored romance with a wealthy mainland suitor influenced her decision to leave her maternal home. At this, Raymond expressed that he doesn't know much, "I only heard about Charmaine during an event in HK earlier after being asked by the media. Overall I'm unclear about this. However, last year when Charmaine and I collaborated in series [Sister Fa], we made a promise to collaborate together again this year. I didn't have time to contact her recently due to my packed schedule."

Do not repost.

Sehseh: I just started work at a new place, therefore I would not be able to update 24/7 (almost) as I did in the past. However, news translation will be posted in the same evening after I get off work.

Meanwhile, keep voting for Charmaine @ Next TV Award and Singapore E-Award! Gambate!

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