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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Charmaine Sheh: Leaving because of no award is too shallow

[Mingpao 12/03/2011]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh accepted an interview on Eileen Cha's radio show and talked about her contract with TVB. She directly said there are a lot of choices; and she is going to finalize whether to renew contract; or sign with a Mainland China company or even as a freelance agent in the next two months. She denies the losing TV Queen award as the reason for leaving TVB: "Don't label me as so shallow! I hope to achieve another peak in my career. The most ideal option is to spend half of my time in Hong Kong, and the other half in Mainland China. My final decision will be based on growth opportunities, quality of the job and also sense of security. Both TVB and outside agencies have shown immense sincerity. Virginia Lok understand my viewpoint, just that she is worried people will be taking advantage of me out there. Of course I feel a bit reluctant leaving TVB, but the world is round. Me staying or leaving is just the matter of a year or two."

In recent years, plenty actresses met their husband while filming series in Mainland China. At this, Charmaine said it depends on fate and joked that she will abandon her career after finding Mr Right. Regarding the allegations of her dating a wealthy, 24 years old Mainland China business heir, she unconcernedly replied: "If this is true, then I won't be working anymore. This is made up! I prefer my other half to be older and taller than me, someone who could guide me in solving problems and connect emotionally." Mentioning rumored ex-flame Moses Chan, Charmaine frankly said they have not been in contact. As they have known each other for a very long time, they do not have romantic sparks and therefore will not pursue a relationship. She revealed that she once missed out on a suitor because she was worried if he liked her for her fame and money. Now, she won't be too wary anymore.

Charmaine Sheh: Don't label me as so shallow!

[Wenweipo 12/03/2011]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh accepted Eileen Cha's radio interview and talked about her arm injury, which has to be in cast for 5 weeks. To prevent muscle atrophy (weakening of muscle), she has to do physiotherapy. Still, some tabloid accused her as faking her injury in order to avoid filming [Forensic Heroes 3]. At this, Charmaine indicate that it is her loss not being able to film a guaranteed high rating series like [FH3]. In addition, she missed out on the income of 4-5 events during this period. Luckily, TVB executive Catherine Tsang, Virginia Lok and producer Mui Siu Ching were considerate toward her condition.

Mentioning the issue of her TVB contract expiring in 2 months, Charmaine frankly said she is 'born' in TVB and sees it as her maternal home. No matter what the future holds, she will always maintain a good relationship with them. Regarding allegations of her refusing to renew her contract due to losing out TV Queen award, she said: "Don't label me so shallow; awards can be significant but not that important. Besides, I already won before. If I win both awards, does that mean other people will not renew their award as well?"

As Charmaine is TVB highest earning actress, it is true that she has to pay income tax exceeding HKD2 million? Charmaine did not reveal the exact amount, but bitterly admits that she feels painful paying a huge amount of tax from her own savings. She was asked whether it is true that a Mainland China agency is offering HKD15 million contract to her, hence not renewing her contract with TVB. Charmaine laughed and said: "Why don't they say it's HKD1 billion? Those are baseless rumors. Money is important, but I'm placing emphasize on personal development. I can choose to be a freelance agent, or sign another company or sign TVB in the future."

Reflecting throughout her career in TVB, Charmaine conquered 3 peaks in the past. The first one is winning 2nd runner up in MHK pageant, the second time is winning her first TV award and the third one as winning "Double TV Queen". Does she aspire in movie industry as well? Charmaine said that she might consider it in the next 2, 3 years – however she wishes to look for a good husband next. Afterall, a woman is more beautiful when they are in love. Is she currently dating a 24 years old wealthy business heir as rumored? Charmaine laughed and said: "If that is the case, then I won't be working anymore. Truthfully, even if this person exists, I do not need him to take care of my leaving. I've never experienced 'older woman, younger man' relationship before. Even if it occurs I hope that the age gap will be limited to 3-4 years only. I prefer someone older who can teach me in solving problems."

Mentioning that Moses Chan is a 'hot property', Charmaine joked and said that she is also a 'hot property' herself. However, since they have known each other for a long time, they do not create romantic sparks together. Charmaine revealed that she once has a good suitor, but the relationship did not develop further as she was unable to meet him for 4 months due to busy schedule. She jokingly said that nowadays she will not give up so easily if she found someone suitable. If she is getting married, she won't make it a secret, however she is not inclined to hold wedding banquet.

As for ex-flame Benny Chan who is living in the same building, Charmaine said she already sold her apartment during the high peak of real estate pricing and is currently looking to buy a new apartment. Therefore they will no longer be neighbors. However, she most probably will see him in Mainland China when she seek to advance her career there.

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For more detailed interview, you can listen to the radio clips in the post below!

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