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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Charmaine Sheh silently acknowledge that she will no longer continue being TVB biological daughter

[Mingpao 03/03/2011]

Charmaine Sheh was rumored to be offered a two year contract worth HKD15 million by a Mainland China agency, prompting her decision to leave her management company TVB of 14 years and changing her contract to per series filming. She will no longer be TVB 'biological daughter'. Last evening, Charmaine for the first time acknowledged that she has decided to leave and admits that she is considering signing per series contract with TVB. She denies faking her injury to decline filming series (FH3), asking the media not to continue rubbing salt on her wound.

Losing 7 figure sum, stop rubbing salt into the wound

Previous month, Charmaine abruptly withdrew from TVB grand production series [Forensic Heroes 3] after accidentally injuring her arm. There were rumors saying that she is dating a wealthy Mainland China heir; also allegations that she was given a lucrative offer of HKD15 million by Mainland China production agency prompting her to leave TVB after her contract expires in May. Last evening Charmaine attended the event [Jewels of Italy], wearing a sexy tube dress and jewelries worth over HKD10 million. She expressed that this is her first job since resuming work and her injury has already recovered. However, she will need to undergo physiotherapy. Her doctor has already instructed her on the simple steps, and temporarily she will not be filming action scenes.

Regarding the rumors of her faking injury to reject the series, Charmaine said that the injury is due to accident, causing her to miss out on a high rated series [FH3]. It's her loss. In addition the injury happened during the peak period of Chinese New Year, therefore she have to cancel her jobs, losing nearly 7 figure sum of extra income. Hence she asked to stop rubbing salt on her wound.

Considering 'per series filming contract'

Is it true that she is offered HKD15 million by a Mainland China agency to leave TVB? She smiled and said first of all she thankful for everyone's concern, TVB is her maternal home where she grew up in. No matter where she headed in the future, (TVB) will always be her home. Definitely not renewing contract? She said that she will maintain a good relationship with TVB. Will she sign per series filming contract? She admits that she is considering it. What about the rumors of other companies trying to recruit her? Charmaine stressed that it has nothing to do with money.

Not responding on the rumors of wealthy boyfriend

There are rumors saying that TVB intended to air [Sister Fa] earlier in order to retain Charmaine. At this, Charmaine indicate that an actor has no control over the broadcast schedule; therefore she does not know when it will be aired. However, she will definitely take part in the promotional activities. As for the exact expiry date of her contract with TVB, Charmaine refused to reveal and only indicate it is within this year.

Does she really have a wealthy Mainland China boyfriend? Charmaine said she does not wish to respond to made up tales.

Do not repost.

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Sehseh: It's pretty much confirmed that Charmaine will not renew her contract with TVB as managed artist. However, given her good track record with TVB she is very likely to sign 'per series contract' and is currently negotiating the terms and conditions, hence the reply 'considering'. It's her roundabout way in acknowledging her departure without closing doors and offending any parties.

As for her future project, I believe that she is still deciding whether to be a freelance agent or signing with another management company. Tina has left TVB - but she will still continue to be Charmaine's manager. Charmaine have a lot of trust and rapport with Tina, it's no surprise that they decided to continue as a team.

On a sidenote, I wonder when TVB is going to release [When Heaven Burns]...

p.s. The voting for [NEXT TV Awards 2011] will end today (6pm HK time). Have you voted for Charmaine yet? If not, please hurry up and show your support to Charmaine. For those who have voted, Thank You for your effort!

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