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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Charmaine related news update (March 15-17)

Charmaine's weibo reached 1 million followers! Congrats Charmaine :) If you have a weibo account, you can follow hers at:

Note: I only translated parts related to Charmaine

Kevin Cheng hopes to collaborate with Charmaine Sheh again

[Oriental Daily 15/3/2011]

Regarding the news of rumored ex-girlfriend Charmaine Sheh not renewing her contract with TVB and intention to expand in Mainland China, Kevin Cheng wishes her luck: "She must have considered it thoroughly. She most probably will sign per series contract and continue filming TVB series. She will be working in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. I hope for the opportunity to work with her again. I wish her dream come true, earn more money!"

Wayne Lai supports Charmaine Sheh, doesn't believe to be faking injury

[ 15/3/2011]

While attending an event, Wayne Lai was asked to comment on the allegations that Charmaine Sheh faked her injury in order to withdraw from filming [Forensic Heroes 3]. At this, Wayne supported Charmaine: "Not necessary. With her current status in TVB, she don't need to fake injury. She can decline any series directly."

Raymond Lam bed pictures with girlfriend exposed, Charmaine Sheh’s support is in the heart

[The Sun 17/3/2011]

The handsome siusang Raymond Lam is famous for his 'Chok' look has rumors with plenty of fadans in the past. Regarding his 'bed pictures' being exposed, Charmaine Sheh said: "In my impression, Raymond is a little kid, he really wants to find a good girl to date and marry. (He was being used?) Can only focus on work and try to pacify emotions. (Will you comfort him?) He is very strong, doesn't want to trouble other people. In summary, we are good friends; will keep it in the heart!"

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