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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Calvin Choi sees Charmaine Sheh as his 'bra strap'

[Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, Mingpao 24/3/2011]

Last evening Ekin Cheng, Eric Kot, Charmaine Sheh and Fala Chen attended the [All Glam Star Exam] show hosted by The Grasshopper. The studio was tickled pink when Calvin Choi introduced Charmaine as his 'brother', mishearing him as saying 'bra strap'.

Charmaine was teased by the reporters that it has been quite some time since she appeared in TVB City. At this, Charmaine laughed and said: "Oh really? I often came here, just that you guys didn't see me." She was asked about the news that she will be joining the upcoming production of Huayi Brothers; the drama version of [If You Are the One] as the leading actress, and also the status of her contract with TVB. Charmaine revealed that the discussion is smooth but not finalized yet; hence she is reluctant to speak more about it. Did TVB try hard to convince her to stay? Charmaine indicate that she is thankful of the promotion and opportunities given by TVB.

Earlier she was rumored to be involved with a 2nd generation Mainland China tycoon, there is news that he has been snatched away by Choi Wai Man. At this, Charmaine said: "I'm a bit confused, some friends told me about this but Ive never seen the report. However, from the name alone, I don't know him. Maybe because I'm bad at remembering names, I might recognize if I see their faces. So I won't dare to say I don't know them at all, in case I might offend people."

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