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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Virginia Lok admits competitors luring Charmaine Sheh away, TVB contract to end in April

[Mingpao 15/2/2011]

Charmaine Sheh's contract with TVB will be ending in April and there are rumors that she intended to develop her career outside, hence delaying in her contract renewal with TVB. There is also another rumor saying that the 36 years old Charmaine is currently dating a Beijing business heir and preparing to spend her life as tycoon daughter-in-law. In regard of these, Charmaine responded through her manager with a simple "No comment." As for TVB executive Virginia Lok, she admits that there are competitors trying to lure Charmaine away with lucrative offers. However as Charmaine has continued building a solid relationship with TVB for over 10 years, she is confident that Charmaine will maintain their relationship. Seems like the battle to snatch Charmaine is unfolding!

Charmaine is TVB's Dongka Fadan (main actress league) who continues to film series endlessly without complaints. Her acting is acknowledged and a guarantee for ratings. In recent years, she was given the freedom to film Mainland China series to earn extra income. Last year, she filmed two series [Justice, My Foot!] and [Female Constables]. Earlier this year, she was supposed to film [Forensic Heroes 3] with Wayne Lai but unexpectedly withdraw from the series after accidentally hurting her arm in a fall. Various rumors came up, some saying that Charmaine is disappointed after losing Best Actress award; in addition the vast opportunities in Mainland China gave her inspiration to move outside, there's also rumors that she is currently dating a Mainland China heir worth over HKD10 billion; waiting to get married. Some suspected the real reason of her injury and subsequent withdrawal from FH3.

Yesterday, the news daily attempted to contact Charmaine to verify the rumors, and she responded through her manager that she is currently recuperating from her injury and will not comment on the rumors.

When contacted for more clarifications on the rumor of Charmaine leaving TVB, executive Virginia supported Charmaine and clarified the rumors of her injury. She said: "Charmaine has always been very obedient, she is a professional actress who give her very best once accepting a role. She definitely will not fake her injury."

What about the rumors that Charmaine's contract expiring in April and leaving TVB? Virginia indicates that Charmaine does have a big market outside and admitted that there are people luring her with lucrative offers. It's normal for people to be tempted with those offers. "Charmaine fetching high offers these days are due to her accumulated hard work throughout the years, and I congratulate her. She has built a relationship with TVB for over 10 years, if her main motivation is money, she would have left us earlier. Of course from my standpoint is to persist in maintaining contract with Charmaine, and I have confidence in doing so." Will Virginia use sentiment to persuade her? Virginia said that Charmaine is a sentimental person; otherwise she wouldn’t have stayed with TVB for so many years.

How about the rumors of Charmaine dating a rich Mainland China heir? Virginia expressed that she is not clear about this rumors, as Charmaine's friend she definitely hope she will find her ideal match. Whether he is a tycoon or not, it's a happy occasion to be congratulated. Virginia added that if Charmaine really have a boyfriend, she will urge her to quickly get married.

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Sehseh: There's a rumor saying that [When Heaven Burns] being removed from March slot is due to Charmaine and Bowie not renewing their contract with TVB yet. I hope it's not true...

I personally think that maybe it's better for Charmaine to switch to per series contract, that way she would not be tied down in HK and have to film endlessly for certain producers.

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