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Friday, February 11, 2011

Charmaine Sheh taking break due to arm injury, two series achieved new peak in Taiwan

[Taiwan Apple Daily, 11/2/2011]

Hong Kong artistes Charmaine Sheh have to celebrate Chinese New Year with her arm in cast after slipping on ice in Hangzhou earlier. Her left arm was dislocated and she had to withdraw from new series [Forensic Heroes 3].

Her accident not only distressed her loyal fans, but also upset the higher management. This is because her series [Beyond the Realm in Conscience] and [Can't Buy Me Love] was recently aired in Taiwan TVBS channel and achieved the highest rating in last 8 years. In the past, Hong Kong series are beaten badly by Korean series. Finally, they see some resurrection (in HK series).

Have not visited Taiwan in 3 years

Previously, [BTROC] has been broadcasted in Taiwan via cable channel. TVBS also bought the rights and currently airing the series on 8pm prime time slot. The main reason is due to Ruby Lin's [Beauty in Palace] have received good ratings last year, proving that palace fighting series is suitable for Taiwanese audience.

TVBS channel is planning to air Charmaine's [When Easterly Shower Fall On the West] on prime time soon. She have not visited Taiwan in 3 years and her manager indicate that she knew that [BTROC] and [CBML] achieved good ratings. Currently, she hopes that her arm will recover soon. Last year she was too busy filming series and missed out on many movies. Now she is taking the opportunity to watch DVD at home and recharge a bit.

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