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Friday, February 25, 2011

Charmaine Sheh not confirmed leaving TVB

[Mingpao, Oriental Daily 25/02/2011]

Charmaine Sheh's management contract with TVB will be expiring middle of this year. There are rumors saying that she decided to expand her career in Mainland China after being offered a two year contract worth HKD15 million. Yesterday Charmaine responded to the rumors and expressed that no formal decision has been made yet. Once she decided, she will make an official announcement. Is it true that she has been offer a lucrative contract of HKD15 million? Charmaine said that money is not her top consideration; she places the highest importance on her future career development.

Even though Charmaine has not made the final decision, a group of TVB ex-colleagues such as Felix Wong and Leung Si Ho etc strongly supported her in leaving 'maternal home'. Felix left message to Charmaine through Weibo saying: [The fish will not grow bigger unless moving to another pond]. He said that while opportunities may always come by, the best opportunity is very rare. He hope this advice, once given to him by a veteran actor can be used on Charmaine as well; asking her to consider thoroughly. Charmaine replied to Felix saying that she will try her best to repay those who supported and have high expectations for her. Leung Si Ho also said that he will always support her.

As for TVB artist Linda Chung, she congratulates Charmaine and expressed that every artistes wished to earn China Yuan. In Eileen Cha's radio show, Koni Lui said Charmaine deserves such good reward for her hard work all these years.

However, TVB executive Virginia Lok denies that they offered HKD10 million in order to retain Charmaine. "We are still negotiating. Even if she leaves TVB, we still can collaborate again like Sheren Tang and Ada Choi. (Since TVB nurtured Charmaine, is there any hard feelings?) No hard feelings, actually TVB commission rate are the lowest in the industry." In addition, she denies postponing Charmaine's series [When Heaven Burns] to anniversary slot as bargaining chip to promote her winning TV Queen award.

Do not repost.

Sehseh: Let's be patient and wait for Charmaine's official announcement. I believe that Charmaine can make the best decision for herself - and proving to everyone that she made the right choice.

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