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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Charmaine Sheh being offered HKD15 million, speculated to leave TVB

[Apple Daily 24/02/2011]

TVB Fadans continue to diminish over the year. Charmaine Sheh who joined TVB since 1997 has decided to end her contract with her 14 years employer after it expires in May. Earlier when she was filming in Mainland China, she was offered by a Mainland production company with a two year contract worth HKD15 million. This treatment is obviously better compared to TVB's filming fee of HKD20, 000 per episode. In addition, there were rumors of wealthy Mainland suitors vying for her affection. With the promising prospect in both career and romance, the 35 years old Charmaine decides to leave her maternal home and develop her career up north.

According to sources, Charmaine receives HKD20, 000 per episode filming TVB series. However, her fees increased 5 fold in Mainland China. TVB did placed importance in retaining Charmaine and executive Virginia Lok have started discussing contract renewal with her since October last year. As the discussion did not progress smoothly, Charmaine did not renew her contract and resulted in losing the TV Queen award to Sheren Tang.

While attending an event last month, Charmaine graciously admits that she is currently discussing contract renewal with TVB. She dropped hints: "The Mainland China market is very big; there are demands for more actors. They also have higher pay." In order to retain their biological daughter, TVB broke record by offering her a two year contract worth HKD10 million. However, it's still a considerable gap compared to the amount offered by the Mainland China company. No wonder Charmaine have not penned her agreement yet. Virginia poured in her final effort and was seen having dinner with Charmaine in Causeway Bay last week. Also present at the dinner is Sir Run Run Shaw trusted executive Chan Fai Kwong. They hoped to persuade Charmaine to stay.

Though TVB tried persuading her with various benefits, Charmaine has already made up her mind, hence requesting difficult contract terms to make TVB give up. Charmaine is not afraid of upsetting TVB and used her arm injury as an excuse to not film producer Mui Siu Ching’s [Forensic Heroes 3]. Due to the unresolved contract renewal agreement, TVB quietly removed her series [When Heaven Burns] from April slot and replaced it with Michael Tse’s [Relic of an Emissary].

Apart from the attraction of China Yuan (currency), Charmaine also hopes to find Mr. Right soon. She has plenty of wealthy Mainland suitors vying for her affection but she has not found a suitable one yet. With promising career and romance prospect, Charmaine decides to give Mainland China a try. Regarding the news of Charmaine leaving TVB, Virginia replied via telephone: "We are still negotiating, she did proposed some conditions and we need to consider first." Yesterday reporter attempted to contact Charmaine for clarifications but she has not responded yet.

TVB continue to be in predicament as siusang Bowie Lam was also indicated not renewing his expiring contract. He was rumored to expand his career in Mainland China as well. Patrick Tam who has earned a lot filming in Mainland China for the past 10 years admitted that the pay is really good and he earned up to HKD100, 000 per episode filming Mainland series. In his phone interview, he said: "I definitely feel that the treatment given in Mainland drama is much better. The China Yuan currency has been growing too. Mainland China has a huge market, if the series get aired throughout the whole country; we have more than 10 billions of audiences. This gives us actors a great sense of satisfaction. The production crew takes their job seriously; they have good directors and high demands toward the actors."

Do not repost.

Sehseh: The article certainly exaggerated on Charmaine's TVB filming fee – she is reported to earn between HKD30k – 36k per episode, not a meager HKD20k. However, it is true that Mainland China is able to offer popular HK artistes around HKD100k per episode. In addition, they offer humane filming schedule with the cast getting at least 5-8 hours of rest daily. In TVB, getting 4 hours of sleep is like a pot of gold.

So far, Charmaine has not publicly confirmed whether she will be staying or leaving, therefore the above news is just speculation. However, I do think that there is a high possibility of her leaving from her weibo reply to Felix Wong today.

Felix's message: "There are plenty of opportunities, but the best opportunity does not (come by easily). In the past, a veteran advised me that: [The fish cannot grow bigger unless it moves into another pond], today I wish to use them on you. Charmaine, please consider thoroughly. Best wishes and support, Wong Wah!"

Charmaine's reply: "I will try my very best to repay the people who supported and have high expectation of me."

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alicechen said...

Aww...Felix's message... T_T These two need to reunite as soon as possible in a Wuxia series!

Supporting our Ah Sheh no matter what! ^_^

sehseh said...

Too bad Felix is not filming series anymore....

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