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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[Female Constables] filming wraps up

Credit to Sina Entertainment

Bobby: This is my first time collaborating with Charmaine in a Mainland China production. It's been many years since we last collaborated in Hong Kong too. It should be [Witness to Prosecution 2], about 10 years ago. We hope to present a different Bobby Au Yeung and Charmaine Sheh. Compared to [WTP2], this series is definitely better.

What's the difference between back then and now?

Bobby: Charmaine is still a beautiful as 10 years ago. Still as youthful. However, her acting is not the same as 10 years ago. She has improved greatly, she is at top level now.

Charmaine: The biggest difference between filming in Hong Kong and Mainland China is that... sometimes I misses my home. However, we have more time to rest. Therefore I feel more energetic and happy during filming.

Bobby: The biggest advantage of filming in Mainland China compared to TVB is the extra resting hours. At TVB, the filming schedule is usually more packed.

Do not repost.

Lol... Did Bobby omit [FH2] because he's not paired up with Charmaine in there?

[Female Constables] already wraps up filming yesterday, therefore Charmaine will be heading back to HK to film [FH3]. Hopefully she will be able to get suffice rest first!

p.s. [When Heaven Burns] is slated to be aired on TVB starting March 7, 9:30pm slot. Hurray!

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