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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Charmaine Sheh injured her arm, withdrawing from [Forensic Heroes 3] production

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[The Sun, Oriental Daily 22/01/2011]

Two days ago, Charmaine accidentally fell and dislocated her arm on her way back to Hong Kong from Mainland China. She has no choice but to withdraw from filming new TVB series [Forensic Heroes 3]. The sudden changes troubled TVB executives as they scrambled to find a replacement for her role. Wayne Lai who is supposed to collaborate with Charmaine for the first time expressed his regret.

Charmaine have suffered from accidents in the past, such as hurting her chin and car crashes. Two days ago, she accidentally slipped on ice at Hangzhou airport on her way back to Hong Kong. Her left elbow hit the ground first and dislocated her arm. She was immediately sent to hospital to get her arm cast. Hence, she has to withdraw from filming [FH3]. Apart from physical pain, Charmaine admitted that she is unhappy to affect the production team.

Yesterday when reporter called Charmaine, her voice sounds weak and she indicate that she has already communicated with producer Mui Siu Ching and executives Catherine Tsang and Virginia Lok over the phone. "What I am most unhappy is affecting Siu Ching Jie, causing much trouble for her. The series already started filming; therefore it's difficult to postpone shooting for me. In the end, the company advises me to take a break and recuperate from my injury. This is my first time collaborating with Wayne, I'm sorry it turned out this way." She also expressed feeling numbness in her legs, and upon doctor examination they found out that her nerves are being pressured. Apart from the painful arm, her waist couldn't maintain the same position for a long period causing her a restless sleep. Luckily her mother is in Hong Kong to take care of her.

During interview with producer Mui Siu Ching, she revealed that she is urgently looking for a good replacement actress: "I'm handling this matter right now; of course the production is affected. However, Charmaine is an ethical actress; she was worried about our conditions. (Anyone in mind right now?) Previously I watched snippets of Wayne and Kate Tsui, they performed well. Therefore I need to find a good 1st line actress." She also expressed that the most important thing is Charmaine’s health. "Even if we forcibly make her film the series, there's a high risk of dislocating her elbow again. After removing the cast, she will need to undergo physiotherapy."

Originally meant to collaborate as onscreen pair with Charmaine, Wayne said: "I didn't expect our first collaboration to end this way, maybe I jinxed her! (Who do you want as replacement?) At this time, most people are committed to their own projects already so I feel troubled for the producer." Kate who is supposed to have plenty of scenes with Charmaine expressed: "The most important thing is Charmaine recuperating soon. I've never collaborated with her in the past and originally planned to learn from her, such a pity."

Do not repost.

Charmaine, get well soon! Let us all pray for her recovery.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the confusion about the nature of Charmaine's injury. Last evening, there were news of Charmaine getting hurt, and news editor from Singtao claimed that Charmaine was involved in car accident and have her right arm casted. However, there were doubts as fans did not see injury on Charmaine when they sent her off at the airport. From the news report today, she most probably have slipped inside/at the airport departure. Also, it was unethical of the Singtao editor to spread false news - if Charmaine was involved in a car accident, it would have been reported yesterday.

But I think we can be relieved that Charmaine is safely recuperating at home. She will not be filming series for the time being, so I appreciate if fans could stop speculating on her next TVB series, or who is replacing her in FH3. Give her a break, it's barely 48 hours since her injury!

Updated Jan 23, 2011: Mingpao Weekly interview

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Charmaine had to cast her arm twice (ouch!). The first one by Mainland China ER was too thick, so she had re-cast a thinner version in Hong Kong. Also, she will need to wait for 6 weeks until her cast is removed and then undergo physiotherapy. And if anyone is curious, Maggie Cheung will replace Charmaine's role in FH3. As Charmaine will not be taking part in FH3, I'm sorry to say I lost interest and will not be updating the series progress anymore.

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I just noticed, but isn't this the image of her being injured when filming Dance of Passion?

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