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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Charmaine Sheh in midst of contract renewal discussion, hopes TVB will increase pay

[Mingpao 05/01/2011]

Yesterday, Charmaine attended skincare brand Shiseido [Asian Anti-Aging Forum] as their product ambassador. Currently busy filming series [Female Constables] in Wuxi, she specially took time off to attend the event. She has to rush back to Mainland China and would only return to Hong Kong end of this month. However she will be starting on TVB new series [Forensic Heroes 3], giving her no rest.

As former leading actors in [Forensic Heroes 2] Kevin Cheng and Frankie Lam was not seen at [Forensic Heroes 3] costume tryout, there were speculations that TVB dislikes them due to their negative image and low ratings. Hence they replaced the leading actor role with Wayne Lai. At this, Charmaine supports rumored ex-flame Kevin and said: "How can they be not qualified enough? Every TVB artistes is a star! (There's a difference in status?) Every leading character is good, making statement like this is unfair to artistes." Asked if she felt pressured working with Wayne and burdened with the ratings expectation, Charmaine smiled and said: "I feel pressured in every series, therefore will discuss with producer and scriptwriter to create a new character that doesn't bore the audiences."

Rumors has it that Charmaine was dissatisfied with Sheren Tang winning Best Actress at TVB anniversary award, therefore she refused to renew her contract with TVB. At this, Charmaine reacted: "Whoa, what dissatisfaction? I also received award at TVB anniversary! (Consolation prize?) In award ceremony, there will be someone who gets award, and someone who doesn't. In addition, it's not as if there is only one award. Does that means other awards are consolation prize too?" However, Charmaine frankly said that she have considered heading outside TVB because of the vast market in Mainland China. "I still have 1-2 years of contract, I'm still a TVB artist. We are currently discussing the contract renewal terms." Asked what is her request for contract renewal, Charmaine laughed and said: "Pay rise!" Asked if she will ask for awards, Charmaine asked back: "Really, I can do that? I don't know about that! What I need is improvement in series quality and trying out new roles."

Mentioning her recent win of [Most Outstanding TV Actress of the Year] award from Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, will she be celebrating with Moses Chan, since they both did not attend the award ceremony? Charmaine smiled and said: "I don't think I will be able to celebrate for quite some time as I need to return to Wuxi to resume filming." Losing out TVB Best Actress award, does she feel consoled with [Most Outstanding TV Actress]? She replied: "No, every award is a form of encouragement."

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