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Friday, January 28, 2011

Charmaine Sheh have confidence in new boss, will fulfill her own job responsibility

[Oriental Daily 28/01/2011]

After the news of TVB changing ownership has been confirmed, the atmosphere at TVB City remained peaceful. TVB artistes also expressed confidence on their new boss Charles Chan, including Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan.

Charmaine was forced to withdraw from filming [Forensic Heroes 3] after she accidentally fell and dislocated her arm. She has to take leave for 3 months in order to recuperate from her injury. Yesterday, she was spotted leaving her apartment accompanied by her manager to see the doctor. After finishing her check-up, she carefully ascended the stairs by holding on the railing. Her left arm was in cast and has to be supported with a sling.

After noticing the presence of reporters, Charmaine appeared to be a little hesitant at first and lowered her head. However, when reporters asked if her injury is getting better, she graciously replied: "The doctor said it's getting better." Mentioning TVB change of ownership, Charmaine said: "We artistes only need to fulfill our job responsibility, no need to bother about other stuff. Plus, I'm currently on leave due to injury, right now I hope to recover quickly because it's really inconvenient when you hurt your arms." As for Lunar New Year, she indicated she would be resting during this period.

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