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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Charmaine Sheh and Bobby Au Yeung mischievous report

[Oriental Daily 12/01/2011]

In the recent year, Charmaine Sheh continues earn money by filming series continuously. Last year-end, she joined good partner Bobby Au Yeung to film new series in Mainland China. Though she is not in Hong Kong, she still cares a lot for her Hong Kong fans and shared filming pics on weibo. As the filming is wrapping up soon, Charmaine is very excited. In her newest picture posted in weibo, she and Bobby mischievously posed and symbolized the number '1' and '0' with their hands, saying: "Another 10 days till filming wraps up!" In the costume series, Charmaine portrayed a female constable called 'Lau Ming Yuet'. She has plenty of action scenes such as horse riding and wielding weapons. She even posed on horseback, saying: "Loves horse riding, so awesome!"

Do not repost.

Image Hosted by Kekeke... If you followed Charmaine's weibo or my twitter translations, you will noticed that Charmaine also tweeted last evening. She was enjoying her filming break at Wuxi theme park.

p.s. Updated some filming stills of [Female Constables] in previous post below, check it out!

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