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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

TVB Weekly Issue 702: TVB Anniversary Awards 2010

Credit to Charmaine Sheh Baidu Forum

My Favorite Female Character Award: Charmaine Sheh as Princess Chiu Yeung in [Can’t Buy Me Love]

Most Favorite is Mummy

In the fight for TV Queen Award, Miss Nine (Sheren Tang) and Princess Chiu Yeung (Charmaine Sheh) were the most popular candidates to win. In the end both receive an award. Charmaine feels happy winning this award as the sassy princess was her favorite character.

"Princess Chiu Yeung is my favorite character; therefore I am very happy that the audiences love her. I thank Mui Siu Ching and scriptwriter for giving me such a good character; I thank fellow cast and production crew (stylist, costume, lighting etc.). Also it took me a long time to persuade my Mummy to attend the award presentation ceremony, this is the first time she saw me accepting award live. I feel that career and family are equally important; I want to tell her (Mum) that she will always be my favorite character."

Long Time Ahead

During the press interview, 'My Favorite Male Character Award' was about to be presented, Charmaine stared at the screen and shouted: "Ah Mo! (Moses Chan)" Though in the end it was won by Raymond Lam, she still feels happy for him. "Ah Mo is my partner in [CBML], of course I have to support him. But I also feel happy for Raymond winning, he is my buddy."

Regarding losing the 'Best Actress Award', Charmaine who has participated in many years of anniversary award does not feel upset about it. "I do feel a little disappointed not being able to win 'Best Actress Award', but I'm not unhappy about it. There are so many good actors/actresses every year but only a few can win awards. Therefore I won't give myself too much pressure. I'll try my best in every character given; the most important thing is to receive support from audiences. I will continue to move forward."

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FashionableAsians said...

wow they already came out with the issue?! lol Sheren totally deserved her award and she looked so fab last night! I can't believe Ray got two! He'll always be a fan favorite sigh... kinda wanted Kenneth Ma to win favorite actor :T

FashionableAsians said...

Oh I forgot to ask do you know who designed Charmaine's dress??

sehseh said...

To FashionableAsians: Valentino

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