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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Rules of Success

[ 17/12/2010]

Speaking of punctuality, it's mostly practiced by veterans in the industry. Let's not mention about coming early 15-20 minutes to a private gathering, but coming in half an hour earlier for work and getting ready before the filming crew appeared. Almost 99% of artistes originating from TVB knows that time is gold.

Vivian Chow is considered a veteran artist. Yesterday she made a mistake of appearing half an hour later to an event, and it was actually her first experience since joining the entertainment circle for so many years. This proved that she has high standard in punctuality. Actually, whether an artist can become successful can be observed through their habits. Apart from being punctual, you can notice how careful they are with the clothes and shoes provided by the journalist for interview. You can find out whether this person is selfish or thoughtful. Among the newer batch of artistes, (we) have only seen Charmaine knowing how to protect the sole of loaned heels by sticking masking tape on them. She even placed white sheets to avoid scratching them. There's definitely a reason why Charmaine successfully rose to the rank of 1st Sister today.

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Sehseh: Most of the time, journalist and managers will loan clothes, shoes and accessories from designer label such as Prada, Marc Jacobs, Gucci etc. for photo shoots, in return of the free publicity. They need to make sure that the pieces are returned in good condition, otherwise they will have to compensate for it. I know, course I once worked part time in one of the labels above... kekeke.

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