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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Princess vs Miss Nine: Charmaine Sheh returns to Hong Kong to fight for awards

[Apple Daily 04/12/2010]

After winning TV Queen for [Maiden's Vow] in 2006, the 35 years old Charmaine Sheh once again becomes a hot favorite for her role in [Can't Buy Me Love] this year. She is set to meet long time rival Sheren Tang at TVB anniversary award to be held tomorrow evening. As Charmaine was busy filming in Mainland China, she has not taken part in promotional activities to rally support for TV Queen Award, hence her buzz is not as strong as Sheren. However, Charmaine tries her best as soon as she returned to Hong Kong yesterday. She expressed that she has confidence in winning and does not forget to remind us that [CBML] is the highest rating series of the year.

TV Queen hot favorite Charmaine Sheh was busy filming Mainland China series [Female Constables] in Wuxi for the past month. Yesterday she rushed back to Hong Kong and accepted interview from Apple Daily in preparation for TVB Anniversary Award, which will be held tomorrow evening.

It is widely known that this year's competition for TV Queen is between Princess Chiu Yeung (Charmaine Sheh) in [CBML] and Miss Nine (Sheren Tang) in [NR]. Asked about her confidence in winning, Charmaine smiled and said: "I have confidence in my role. However I also feel that every nominee is a worthy competition, not who fighting against whom specifically."

Praised Sheren as having powerful aura

Mentioning that this is her third time facing off Sheren and considered the most intense, Charmaine laughed and said: "For me, I'm facing it calmly as usual. I've never placed strong emphasis on awards anyway. This is because there are already many stress from working, therefore if you care too much about awards, you will get nervous breakdown. Therefore I won't stress myself. Winning awards are like icing on cake, if no awards well there will always be another opportunity."

What is her comment about Sheren's Miss Nine? Charmaine said: "Her acting is really good; she gives of powerful aura, the feeling of a triad big sister." Regarding the rumors of Sheren signing TVB contract in exchange for award, Charmaine feel unfair for Sheren: "That (rumor) is unfair to artistes, there's no proof at all and it takes credit away from their hard work. There are so many artistes in the company, if everyone only signs award to exchange for awards, then the company will suffer from headaches. Winning awards depend on right timing."

In that case, does she consider herself the right timing to win? Though Charmaine did not answer this question directly, she did not forget to remind that [CBML] is the highest rating series of the year. [CBML] averaged at 34 points with 2.17 million viewers while [NR] averaged at 33 points with 2.1 million viewers. However, [NR] ending rating reached 47 points, defeating [CBML] ending rating of 45 points. Charmaine says: "I'm satisfied this year because [CBML] received good ratings, and is the highest of the year. I feel that I can answer to myself. The 3rd Princess is well liked by audiences and this makes me satisfied. The most important thing is that it helps increased my earnings." Asked how much 3rd Princess increased her earnings, Charmaine indicate a 7-figure sum.

Denied spending $180, 000 on luck charm

Earlier there was an allegation that Charmaine spent $180, 000 to increase winning luck and end up being cheated by conman. Charmaine stressed that this is not true at all: "So funny, I do not believe one can buy award with money (using charm), if that is so then the highest bidder should win, not with a mere $180, 000."

Getting older, less courage and treasure health

With the award approaching right away, does Charmaine feels nervous? Charmaine: "If you have not won before, you will definitely feel more nervous. If you ask me whether I wish to win, well of course you would like to win in a competition, it's called sporting spirit. However, awards cannot please everyone. I tell myself that winning awards is not too important, health comes first. The people around me have aged as well and some even fell sick, reminding me that I should treasure my health. In the past, I have no problem hanging on wires from 2 storeys high, but now I will consider first. You can say that I am less courageous now."

Wishing to portray ugly role for more than 10 years, Charmaine hope she will be able to try out different roles. "Right now I want to portray ugly role because I've never tried that before. An actor should continue to bring refreshing feelings to audiences."

19th last month was TVB anniversary gala and many of 1st tier artistes were absent. Charmaine feels sorry that she couldn't attend due to filming commitment in Mainland China: "I was a little unhappy; this is my first year being absent. As the schedule was really tight, I was unable to come back."

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Sehseh: Wishing Charmaine, Moses and [CBML] cast the best of luck tomorrow evening! As I'm attending a dinner myself, I won't be able to provide live feed - so fans are welcomed to share updates in cbox!

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