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Thursday, December 16, 2010

[Next Magazine Issue 1084] Charmaine Sheh earning HKD30 million in 2010

[Pictures credit to Kuangai TVB BBS]

According to Next Magazine, Charmaine earned an approximate of HKD30 million (USD3.8 million) in 2010 with her various product endorsement and filming projects in Mainland China.

Recently, she signed a HKD1.5 million contract with Shiseido to become their spokesperson in Hong Kong/Mainland China. The Japanese skincare brand picked Charmaine out of 3 candidates despite her fees being the highest.

The advertisement for Shiseido was shot on the rooftop of Hotel LKF in Central. Charmaine was a bit worried during the shooting where she had to lean on the balcony (btw she's wearing 4 inch heels!). The filming process took whole day and she only had a few bites of pasta in between.

This year, Charmaine filmed two Mainland China series; [Justice, My Foot!] and [Female Constables]. She was rumored to be paid HKD100, 000 per episode. Due to lack of rest and the freezing temperature in China, Charmaine recently fell sick while filming [Female Constables] with Bobby Au Yeung.

China Central Television [CCTV] (China's major TV station) have already purchased the broadcast right for [Can't Buy Me Love] and her fees is expected to be increased as her popularity in Mainland China grows.

In addition, she profited HKD8.6 million from selling her property in North Point last month. Charmaine indicate that she is currently surveying for new apartment in Hong Kong island.

Do not repost.

Congrats to Charmaine! Though we should take the figures provided by Next magazine (as in any tabloids) with a pinch of salt, it's pretty much true that Charmaine continue to be the top earning artist in TVB this year. Looking forward to her Shiseido ads!

p.s. Sorry for the mistakes in the Shiseido figure... my eyes were playing tricks on me :P

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Tinaa said...

wow thats a lot of money. well i'm happy for her! hope she'll continue to earn more next year because she deserves every penny she makes!

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