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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh wins TV King and Queen at [MY AOD Favourite Awards 2010]

[Singtao 04/12/2010]

Last evening Malaysia Astro [MY AOD Favourite Awards 2010] was held at Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel and was considered a preliminary competition for tomorrow's TVB anniversary award. Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh won 'My Favorite Actor and Actress' award for their role in [Can't Buy Me Love]. Both thanked the newly reinstated Stephen Chan in their award acceptance speech.

Winners of [MY AOD Favourite Awards] were selected by 70 thousand Astro Chinese subscribers. A total of 16 awards were given out. As the voting ends in November, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang were able to be included as their series [No Regrets] has aired more than 10 episodes. On the other hand, Michael Miu and Felix Wong in [Gun Metal Grey] were not so fortunate to be nominated.

With TVB anniversary award set to take place tomorrow evening; [MY AOD] was considered a preliminary showdown for popular TV King and Queen candidates such as Moses, Wayne, Charmaine and Sheren. Dressed up to the nines, they appeared courteous to each other, with Moses and Wayne hugging each other while Sheren and Charmaine chatted non-stop.

Last evening, Charmaine and Moses won 'My Favorite Actor and Actress' award for their role in [Can't Buy Me Love]. During her acceptance speech, Charmaine expressed: "I would like to thank Stephen Chan, Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang. I especially thank Catherine because she offered me my first series. Back then she keep pushing and encouraging me, and often scold me as ugly to aggravate me."

Afterward during interview with reporters, Charmaine indicate that she has just returned to Hong Kong from Wuxi, Mainland China. Apart from attending [MY AOD], she will also be attending TVB anniversary award tomorrow. Later she will return to Mainland China to resume filming series. Regarding her winning Favorite Actress award first tonight, Charmaine smiled and said: "The results will be revealed tomorrow, just take it as normal (will not have overly expectation). (Considering tonight as consolation prize?) This award is voted by Malaysian audience, it's not related to anniversary award."

Apart from this, Charmaine denied purchasing a new property in Wanchai. Instead she has just sold off her property. Mentioning her nomination as top 3 finalists in Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild [Outstanding TV Actress of the Year Award], Charmaine expressed confidence in herself and said that [CBML] and her hard work for more than 10 years is her representative for outstanding achievements.

Additional translation: Charmaine phone interview with Eileen Cha

[Mingpao 04/12/2010]

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh and Kara Hui accepted interview on Eileen Cha radio show. Charmaine feels happy and excited for such intense competition for TV Queen Award this year. She hopes that [Can’t Buy Me Love] will win 'Best Series' award. As for her competition for TV Queen Award against Sheren Tang, Charmaine expressed that she will try her best. Asked to choose the best Top 5 finalist to win, Charmaine said: "At this moment I definitely have to pick myself, can't self undermine. As for TV King, I support Fuma (Moses Chan) and Felix Wong."

Though [No Regrets] cast are predicted to be major winners, Kara Hui think otherwise. She looked up more to [Can't Buy Me Love] and picked Moses and Charmaine to win. "Both Moses and Wayne have good acting skills, but in terms of roles, I like Moses because comedy series are much more difficult. As for TV Queen, though I love both Sheren and Charmaine, I will pick Charmaine because she portrayed her role perfectly. She also made the princess adorable. As for Best Series, I have confidence in [No Regrets] because of its consistency." Kara herself was nominated in 'Best Supporting Actress' category. Though she has already won 7 Best Actress award, she doesn't have much confidence in winning Best Supporting Actress award. She feels that Susanna Kwan and Fala Chen have the highest chance of winning.

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Congratulations to Charmaine, Moses and [Can't Buy Me Love] cast! Also Thank You to Malaysian fans and Astro subscribers for their precious vote.

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