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Sunday, December 05, 2010

High profile return to Hong Kong, Charmaine Sheh rallying for TV Queen Award

[The Sun, Oriental Daily 05/12/2010]

TVB TV King and Queen Awards will be revealed tonight. Even though Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang was rumored to repeat their win last year, Charmaine Sheh sudden return to Hong Kong indicate that she is prepared to fight for her award, possibly triggering a change in final results!

Yesterday Charmaine returned earlier to Hong Kong to attending [TVB Anniversary Awards 2010]. She even won 'My Favorite Leading Actress' in [MY AOD Favorites Awards 2010], defeating Sheren Tang. It's rumored that she is making a secret move, causing a change in TV Queen competition. During the interview, Charmaine helplessly said: "Aiya! I only came back early, there's no secret move! (Are you disappointed to hear that Wayne and Sheren will win?) I've always feels its 50-50 chance, the best result is winning in pairs, which means either Wayne and Sheren, or Moses and I. If it's really Wayne and Sheren, then I sincerely feel happy for them, they really performed well. (Rumors about you fighting for award?) Please don't say that, it will make me nervous. However I definitely will be able to get some sleep tonight, because I've been having too much work lately." Charmaine believes that she will only feel nervous during the award presentation. "No matter lose or win, I will continue to be myself, won't try to hide my feelings."

Feeling like winning lottery

Asked if she have increased confidence after winning [MY AOD] awards, Charmaine frankly replied: "It's hard to say, the award represented Malaysia audiences taste, but of course I'm happy to win it. I treasure every award, besides this award proves that I’m also supported by audiences outside Hong Kong." Even though competition is fierce this year, Charmaine spent more attention on dressing up. She already found sponsors for jewelry and evening gown. "Actually [CBML] has already given me a total of 5 awards in various award ceremonies, I feel fortunate already. As for tomorrow's winners, I look forward to the results. It's like buying lottery, if I win I will be on cloud nine, but if not I won't feel disappoint either. (Last evening, Sheren was expressionless?) No, she was happy when she gave her acceptance speech onstage. (Rumors that Stephen Chan reinstatement aid Sheren in winning award?) The award is not decided by one person, I trust that the judging panel is fair."

Joking at Lifetime Achievement Award

Also, TVB held anniversary award blessing ceremony yesterday. Charmaine whom originally was not in the attending list suddenly appeared to rally for herself. When taking pictures with the award trophies, Kara Hui teased her in winning 'Lifetime Achievement Award', making Charmaine laughed and shouted "Great!"

Additional translation from Takungpao and Mingpao:

During [TVB Anniversary Awards 2010] blessing ceremony, nominees such as Charmaine Sheh, Dominic Lam, Kara Hui etc posed with the award trophies. During the group picture, Kara picked up the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' and gave it to Charmaine. At this Charmaine laughed and said: "Good."

Asked about her preparation for red carpet, Charmaine indicate that she will make [CBML] theme. She will be wearing dress sponsored by Valentino. It will have a slightly princess feel to it, and it will not be revealing (sexy). As for jewelry, she will keep it simple by wearing rings and earrings only.

Do not repost.

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Sehseh: TVB arranged for Charmaine to promote anniversary award the moment she reached Hong Kong, hope she will be able to get some rest before the event tonight. Gambate Charmaine!

p.s. Lol at Dominic Lam shaking Charmaine's hand! They are just teasing each other, Dominic just played her father in Mainland series [Justice, My Foot!].

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