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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Charmaine Sheh polished acting skills through 1000 episodes of series

[Takungpao, Mingpao, Oriental Daily 23/12/2010]

Recently, Charmaine was invited by skincare brand Shiseido to represent their Benefiance range. This range is targeted to females in their 30's to 40's. The brand is highly impressed with Charmaine's professional attitude of working 16 – 17 hours continuously without complaint. Hence they sought her out to be the ambassador of their anti-aging skincare.

On the day of advertisement shooting, Charmaine who was busy filming series in Hangzhou (Mainland China) flew back to Hong Kong and arrived at the set at 8am as per requested, without a hint of complaint nor fatigue.

Charmaine expressed that modern women regardless being single or having a family has high standards and pursues a more fulfilling life. They have knowledge and in control of their own future. In order to maintain best form and achieve a balanced, happier life, Charmaine learned to love herself a little bit more. Beautiful skin makes her feel happier.

Charmaine also added that both men and women are afraid to see the first signs of wrinkles on their face. An artiste often need to work throughout the evening to dawn and without having proper rest, it's inevitable to have wrinkles. Therefore she needs to take care of her skin regularly and cannot afford to be lazy.

"10 years ago, I received my first television award. It was the result of my hard work." In the past, Charmaine was often criticised for her 'chicken voice’ and bad acting. After 10 years of continuous hard work and polishing her acting skills, she has filmed more than 1000 episodes of series, portraying different roles and received recognition from the audiences. She hopes to achieve new breakthrough in 2011 by trying out new roles or stage theater performance.

Charmaine indicate that she will be spending Christmas and New Year in Mainland China filming series. In fact her work has already been scheduled up to July next year. Charmaine hopes to take a summer vacation in Greece: "I look forward visiting Greece, if I can find someone I like to accompany me, that will be perfect!"

Charmaine will be returning to Hong Kong on January 4th to attend Shiseido press conference and share tips in skincare.

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