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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Charmaine Sheh not anxious to get married

[The Sun 12/12/10]

Although 'TV Queen' Sheren Tang and 'Biological Daughter' Charmaine Sheh have TVB city at their beck and call, they are not successful in their love life. In the world without men, each of them represent a blossomed flower. While the tough Miss Nine criticized men, Sheren actually desires love; Princess Chiu Yeung is spoiled and unreasonable, Charmaine is silently waiting for love. Ah, the irony of leading actresses!

High regard for Sheren versus Theresa Mo

"The media placing the emphasis on me and Sheren makes it unfair towards the other candidates. Don't take away credit from other people's hard work because everyone poured a lot of effort in their portrayal. Actually I have high regard for Mo Jie (Theresa Mo). Some people said that her acting is exaggerated, but I feel that such portrayal is not a problem in sitcoms. I'm already watching her before I joined the industry, I admire her comedic talent." Having experienced turbulence and hardships, Charmaine has already exceeded 30 years of age. She has won TV Queen, earned a lot of money and also gained a bunch of rumored boyfriends such as Benny Chan, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan etc. However she has yet to found true love, advancing her into the league of [Golden Leftover Ladies]. As she spent quite some time in Mainland China filming series, Charmaine have no idea what the term [Leftover Ladies] meant. After she found out it represent successful but single ladies in their 30's, she laughed and said: "It sounds quite nice! I don't feel its insulting women!" While in reel life the sassy princess is willing to sacrifice everything for love, Charmaine gave up love for career in real life. "You gain some, you lose some. Since I spent most time in my work, naturally I have little time for family and romance! Though I keep wishing for a holiday, I end up filming 140 episodes of series non-stop. Later I will be filming [Forensic Heroes 3], which means I can only get some rest after filming 170 episodes of series."

Having thoughts of retiring after being urged by grandmother to get married

Entering marriageable age, Charmaine's grandmother was worried that she can't get married and keep urging her to do so. This made Charmaine have thoughts about retiring from entertainment circle. "Mummy didn't urge me, but Grandma keeps asking me not to work (in entertainment circle) anymore and quickly get married. I asked Grandma: "Not working (acting), what should I do then?" She said anything else is fine. I have seriously thought about retiring, but I really like acting, it's difficult for me to give up! I can only leave it to fate, I'm not afraid of waiting; I can wait for him to appear!" To Charmaine, dating is like a luxury, if she has extra time she'd rather get some sleep: "I believe fate is decided by heaven, but right now I'm too busy to meet someone and get married. Even if there's someone pursuing me, I do not have time to go out. In fact I don't even have much time to sleep on my bed!" In the past year, Charmaine had grown weary from filming series non-stop. "Filming 6 series [When Heaven Burns], [Can't Buy Me Love], [Justice, My Foot!], [Sister Fa] and [Female Constables] continuously, that's portraying 6 different characters in a short period of time. I'm exhausted both mentally and physically."

Praising Fala Chen as having molding potential

Though Charmaine lost TV Queen this year, her acting has already been long acknowledged. There's no doubt about her winning 'My Favorite Female Character Award'. She revealed that she has always been secretly learning acting from others. "I've never formally took lessons from acting teachers, but I try to learn and observe from my onscreen partners. They are not necessary the male leads, such as Kara Hui and seniors such as Felix Wong. Also there's Lo Ka (Gallen Lo), Roger Kwok who has different methods in acting. I remember in [Seven Sisters], I have a particularly long dialogue which requires me to do a lot of actions in the same time. Seeing me getting frightened and fidgety, Gallen taught me to threw everything away and draw myself into the character. Don't let the script control myself; I've keep practicing this useful lesson." Since she is already secured in TVB first leading actress league, Charmaine was asked to comment on the upcoming batch of actresses. She was particularly hopeful in Fala Chen: "Fala Chen, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung are quite good. Though all three have good connection with audiences, if I really have to choose, I feel that Fala have high potential (molding), she handled two different kind of roles in [CBML] and [NR] well. I admire her."


The filial and obedient grand-daughter Charmaine Sheh purposely returned to Hong Kong to attend TVB anniversary award. She only returned for 2-3 days and has already accepted countless interviews. Though she was visibly tired, she persevered till the end. During the interview, Charmaine grandmother keep calling her through the phone and the widely known filial Charmaine ran back and forth in 5 inch heels and evening gown to answer her calls. She can be heard answering gently: "Got it, I will come home. Tomorrow I will accompany you to eat dinner." After hanging up, Charmaine smiled and said: "Grandma is already 96 years old; sometimes she forgot that she has already called me. She really loves me!"

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