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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Charmaine Sheh a little disappointed losing 'Best Actress Award'

[The Sun, Oriental Daily, Mingpao 07/12/2010]

Note: I only translated parts related to Charmaine and [CBML]

Results of TVB Anniversary Awards 2010 has been revealed on December 5th, with series [No Regrets] and [Can't Buy Me Love] being major winners in the show. At this, TVB receives a total of 32 public opinions; with 16 saying [NR] should win 'Best Series', 4 saying Raymond Lam should not win 'My Favorite Male Character', 4 praises for [NR] cast and crew, 2 saying that Wayne Lai TV King win is deserving, 5 saying that Charmaine acting have breakthrough in [CBML] and should win TV Queen while 1 says that [NR] and [CBML] should win 'Best Series' together.

The winner for 'My Favorite Female Character' Charmaine Sheh already flew back to Wuxi yesterday morning to resume filming [Female Constables]. The cast and crew even threw a celebration for her! Mentioning the award controversy, Charmaine replied through phone: "Everything has already been concluded, it's a fact that cannot be changed, and hopefully next year results will be satisfying!" Charmaine felt disappointed not being able to win 'My Favorite Character' together with Moses Chan but expressed that she is still happy for Raymond Lam. In addition, she feels that Mui Siu Ching [CBML] winning Best Series is happier than winning her own award.

On the other hand, though [NR] leading and supporting cast swept 4 awards, they still lost 'Best Series' to [CBML]. Some audiences were shocked by this result and complained that [CBML] added online ratings for the series, while [NR] did not. At this, [CBML] producer Mui Siu Ching said: "The series being highest rating of the year did not include online ratings, but followed the traditional count. I'm not even prepared to win, quite shocked when it was announced. Actually [NR] is a good series." Mui Siu Ching also expressed that both [CBML] and [NR] have their own fans and bound to have different opinions. What makes her happiest is to receive sincere congratulations from Lee Tim Seng (NR producer). She indicates that everyone worked hard for their series. To her the award ceremony has ended and she is currently preparing for upcoming series [Forensic Heroes 3].

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