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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Not concerned about awards, Charmaine laughing all the way to the bank

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[Takungpao 02/11/2010]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh, Marie Zhuge, Wong Yuen Yuen, Carrie Lam, Jacqueline Chong and Carrie Chiu performed cat walk for footwear label Le Saunda. Charmaine was arranged to appear last as celebrity guest. Afterward Charmaine joked that might be related to her age.

Asked about her feeling of appearing last, she laughed: "Was it because I’m getting old? Maybe because I rarely perform catwalk, so I don't walk as nice as the professional models." Charmaine frankly said that apart from getting a favorable fee for this event, she also receive discounts for the shoes. She smiled and said: "I'm quite generous when it comes to shoes, as if I'm being possessed. The most expensive pair of shoes I bought was around HKD20, 000. I have more than 200 pairs of shoes at home and I will definitely buy a new pair everything I went shopping. Isn't that crazy?"

Charmaine will soon head to Wuxi (Mainland China) to film costume series [Female Constables]. Will she be able to attend TVB anniversary award? Charmaine said that it's up to the company arrangement. She was also asked if she feel that her chances to wine TV Queen will be decreased as she is not in Hong Kong. She casually replied: "It doesn't matter!" Charmaine even highly praised Sheren Tang performance in [No Regrets], especially her eyes expression. Regarding the reports that Sheren was overshadowed by supporting characters, Charmaine feel that there will be more exciting scenes (of Sheren) as the series progress. As the outside world sees Charmaine and Sheren as the only competitors for TV Queen Award, have Charmaine's confidence increased? Charmaine feels that the most important thing is that the series is popular and audiences enjoyed it. She considered [Can't Buy Me Love] being able to fulfill these criteria is already perfect enough.

Is she looking forward receiving bonus? She laughed and said: "I'm already receiving my bonus because I've recently accepted a lot of jobs and increased my earnings. I'm grinning just by looking at my bank account. (Are you TVB's golden goose?) I don't know how much other artistes are earning; so I'll leave awards to fate. (Earning money is happier than winning awards?) Both are just as happy."

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Sehseh: Congratulations to Charmaine! Her income up to October has already surpassed her earnings in 2009. No doubt the top earning TVB artistes!

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