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Friday, November 12, 2010

Charmaine Sheh taking care of the injured Raymond Lam

[Ent Sina 13/11/2010]

Recently, Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam was seen re-shooting some scenes for their series [Colorful Life of Sister Fa]. They are especially cute and active onscreen with their various facial expressions. Raymond appeared to have recovered from his neck injury.

Yesterday, Charmaine, Raymond and the filming crew headed to Tai Han to re-shoot some scenes. They keep chatting as they walked, with Charmaine making funny expressions. The cast and crew enjoyed themselves during the shooting. Due to the hot weather, Raymond keep sweating and have to re-apply his makeup. While taking filming breaks, Charmaine and Raymond will rehearse their script together.

Midday, they switched to another filming location near staircase. The scene narrate about Raymond making a sweeping kick and falling down, spraining his foot. He sat down on the ground and groaned painfully. Charmaine immediately knelt down and asked if he's alright, even massaging his foot. Their exaggerated expressions tickled people silly.

Do not repost.

Pictures credit to CFP and Charmaine Baidu Forum.

Sehseh: Officially, [Sister Fa] has finished filming. However, it's not uncommon for the cast to re-shoot some scenes for the series if the producer find the earlier version not up to their expectation.

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